Perry Fareway makes updates to store

Allison Ullmann - Staff

Customers shopping in the Perry Fareway store have likely noticed a chance in the uniform worn by the employees.

The traditional white shirts were recently replaced with red polos. The management team will continue to wear black and white, but Store Manager Travis Landgrebe said they can wear any tie they want.

“Everything has been very, very positive,” Landgrebe said of customers noticing the changes in the store.

Those changes, he added, come as Fareway is implementing updates throughout all of its stores. New logos were rolled out in conjunction with Fareway’s 80th anniversary in May of 2018.

The logo, which features Fareway in red with the words meat and grocery, will be installed on the outside of the Fareway stores in phases.

Landgrebe said the Perry store will be one of the last ones to receive the new logos as it is closer to the corporate office in Boone.

He added that the store’s grocery bags and some food items already feature the new Fareway logo. Once packages with the old Fareway shield are sold, they will be replaced with packages featuring the new logo.

Other changes planned for the Perry store include new pods in the produce department and updates to the meat department.

Wood slats were recently installed in the front of the meat cases. TV screens will be installed above the meat counter within the next week. Landgrebe said the TVs will feature pictures, recipes and meal ideas from the dietitians.

“Pretty cool stuff, so I’m really excited about that next week,” Landgrebe said. “Instead of being the same old look, we’re just freshening it up.”

Speakers will also be installed throughout the Perry store so music can be played while customers shop.

“We’re going to make it more of an experience when they come in here,” Landgrebe said of customers. “Instead of just a place to shop, it should be almost fun.”

One thing that won’t change across the Fareway stores, he said, is selling groceries, fresh, quality meat and the best produce.