Three things you missed at the Granger City Council meeting

Libbie Randall - Staff
Patti Smith shows the Granger City Council the visual issue with the parking on Maple Street. PHOTO BY LIBBIE RANDALL/THE PERRY CHIEF

The Granger City Council held their annual meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 12 and discussed several items including the possibility of building another baseball field for Peak Performance, parking and traffic safety concerns on Maple Street, and The 2018 Sidewalk Improvement Program.

The first few attendees to speak were John Larson, and Bobby Reisz and Eric Evans from Peak Performance. The idea was brought up by these two business partners to construct a baseball field for use year-around for various out of town college and high school sports teams, local clubs and activities, and community members. Evans explained further ideas to have a community membership to go along with the location for citizens to use at their leisure.

The idea stemmed from the success of the pitch to construct what is soon to be the new Grandwood Learning Center. It was proposed for this field to be located just north of that site and stretch out to about 5-7 acres.

Concerns were brought up from various council members in regards to the cost of it all and how it would be paid for. Reisz brought up the Sports Family Organization which is a non profit that has the potential to bring in a lot of funds for those who use the facility. Evans also assured the council of various corporate donors and other sources that would help with the cost.

It is predicted the cost of the field would be in the seven figure range, however the pitch was simply in it’s first stages of planning. The group stated that they brought it to the council to see if it’s something they could move forward with or if they should look for different location.

Even with the concerns, the idea was met with positive reactions from the council and others in attendance of Wednesday’s meeting. The planning will continue as planned and the council will be presented with further propositions regarding the project.

Immediately following that discussion Patti Smith spoke on behalf of the concern regarding parking on Maple Street. Smith has lived in that area since 2002.

“With that new development coming in over there, we have a lot of cars coming in at a very fast speed,” Smith addressed the council. “There’s two trucks and an SUV parked on the corner and those vehicles block the view that oncoming traffic. I’ve almost hit other cars because of it and so has my daughter.”

The pitch was to make an ordinance to indicate a no parking zone for that portion of the street so as not to cause any safety hazards or accidents. Several council members related the issue to a similar one that has been brought up regarding Birch Street. The Granger City Council voted to make that ordinance to prevent parking along that small portion of the street.

The updates brought up regarding the 2018 Sidewalk Improvement Program raised little concern aside from a small wet area that was discovered during excavation. Water was seeping up out of the ground in a particular area that will need to addressed and fixed as well as several driveways that need some attention.

All of these potential issues required an action to approve change order and the cost was predicted to be no more than $6,050.00. Upon approval from the council, they decided to follow up with a pay order next month.

The next Granger City Council will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m.