Brian Devick resigns as Woodward mayor

Libbie Randall - Staff
Before Devick left, the Woodward City Council presented him with a plaque to commemorate his service to the city. PHOTO BY LIBBIE RANDALL/THE PERRY CHIEF

Woodward City Mayor Brian Devick officially resigned from his position as mayor during the annual city council meeting on Monday, Sept. 10. Devick spoke at length about his experience serving the community, and his reasons for resigning immediately. Devick explained to all in attendance that his growing health complications are preventing him from finishing out the rest of his term as mayor. At the conclusion of last month’s meeting, Devick had spoken briefly about his health and assured the public would be informed if his service was to be compromised.

In his forthgoing speech Devick began by saying he took on the position of mayor because he was asked to and willing to take on that role.

“During the time that I have been here, I have executed this office as honestly and as faithfully as I possibly can,” Devick said. “I’ve tried to do the best I can to be a full-time mayor as well as working a challenging full-time job, and dealing with multiple ongoing personal issues as well.”

Devick went on to address his medical history in more detail including his requirement to wear a heart monitor during the fall of 2017 and the procedures he has had done in the past several months. He told all in attendance that his body was simply mirroring the behavior of someone who suffers from multiple strokes.

“I’ve met with several different physicians, including my primary care physician, over the last few weeks,” said Devick. “I have had three of them tell me that if I don’t stop (serving as mayor) I’m going to face serious ongoing medical issues.”

With only a year left in his term, Devick said he had asked his primary physician if it would be possible to complete the year, but his physician told Devick that he does not recommend that. For those reasons Devick then officially announced his resignation and finished his speech before exiting Woodward City Hall.

“This is not something I do easily. This is the hardest decision I have ever made in this position, but I feel I have no choice” Devick said. “As much as I want to do what’s best for this town, I also have to do what’s best for me and my family.”

Devick’s very last statements were to praise the growth of the city of Woodward and the resolution of many of the city’s infrastructure needs. The now former mayor also emphasized his pride in the council’s ability to think ahead and make decisions based on what will be best for the city in the long run. Devick expressed his pride in the council’s ability to pave every road in town over the past year. He also stated his gratification for being able to do so without raising taxes. With these and other accomplishments left behind, Brian Devick officially stepped down from his position.

The Woodward City Council will discuss further action on appointing a new mayor in the near future. Mayor Pro-tem is Dave Luke.