Woodward-Granger Elementary PTO kicks off annual fundraiser

Allison Ullmann - Staff
Woodward-Granger Elementary students raise their hand when asked if they are excited to get the chance to slime Principal Matt Brummond during the PTO fundraiser kick off on Aug. 31. PHOTO BY ALLISON ULLMANN/THE PERRY CHIEF

Woodward-Granger Elementary students started cheering as staff members grabbed buckets and got ready to dump the contents on top of Principal Matt Brummond’s head.

The students stopped cheering as the buckets turned out to be empty.

Brummond said those buckets will be filled with slime if they raise $200 during the annual Woodward-Granger Elementary PTO fundraiser.

The students started cheering once again during the fundraiser kick-off assembly on Aug. 31. The opportunity to slime their principal was only one of the prizes they cheered for during the assembly.

The prizes are all part of the annual W-G Elementary PTO fundraiser. PTO President Angie Sebastian said the group only holds one fundraiser a year.

“Every dollar goes directly to the PTO,” she said.

Sebastian added that those funds help pay for things like Chromebooks and Friday folders. The PTO also gives money to be used for field trips and for teacher allowances.

“Everything we do is free for families,” Sebastian said of PTO-sponsored activities like movie nights, Bingo events and school dances.

PTO funds will be raised from Friday, Aug. 31 through Wednesday, Sept. 19. Elementary students will be asking community members for pledges before the fourth annual W-G Elementary/Early Learning Center FUNrun on Friday, Sept. 21.

The FUNrun, held from 2-3:30 p.m. on Sept. 21 outside of the elementary school, is a mini ninja-warrior style course designed by Joy Casey.

The W-G Elementary students received the donation logs and fundraiser information on Aug. 31. The students need to turn in the logs and the pledges by Sept. 19 to be eligible for the prizes.

Some of the prizes they students can earn include a VIP Subway lunch with Brummond, admission to a VIP pre-party and the opportunity to slime Brummond. They could also be the PE teacher for a day if they are one of the top three fundraisers from each building.

“I love their reactions. There were so many screams, it was so loud,” PTO Co-Vice President Casey said of the students using Silly String on Brummond last year. “They just absolutely love it. It’s such a joy to hear how happy the kids are. That’s really why we do it.”

Brummond said it appears he is a glutton for punishment as he has had the students spray him with Silly String, tape him to a wall with duct tape and dunk him in a dunk tank. He will be able to add being slimed to that list come Sept. 21.

“Anything we can do to torture Mr. Brummond,” Sebastian said of one of the prizes for the students who raise $200.

She added that the PTO group is happy to have his cooperation for the fundraiser as he knows how much the money helps the school, staff and students.

“It’s hard to say no to a little kid who wants to slime his principal,” Brummond said of the fundraising efforts by the elementary students and the PTO.

The PTO raised around $28,000 through the FUNrun last year. This year, the goal is $60,000.

Sebastian said the PTO is looking to help purchase new playground equipment for the Early Learning Center. The ELC houses preschool to first grade students while the elementary building houses second to fifth grade students.

Sebastian said the PTO wants to buy equipment for the ELC building that is more appropriate for kids in the three to six age range. The current equipment, she said, is too big for those students.

Brummond said while the $60,000 goal is lofty, it is achievable.

“The community is very supportive, so it will be fun,” he said.