Minburn Communications expanding fiber footprint fiber optic route in Perry

Submitted to The Chief

PERRY – Minburn Communications is excited to announce another fiber optic expansion project. Starting from the existing central office in downtown Perry, the company will be expanding their fiber route west along Willis Avenue and extending on to Highway 141. The new route will eventually tie into the neighboring independent telecommunications company and provide Minburn Communications with another redundant connection route.

Staking is scheduled to begin the end of July and will continue for up to three weeks. Crews will be assisting Minburn Communications’ Technicians to determine the exact location of the fiber path. In addition to the new Willis west route, the crew will also be staking additional routes to help determine future fiber expansion projects. Watch for them as they will be driving white vehicles branded with the Minburn Communications logo.

“Our trucks, technicians and crew will be surveying many locations throughout Perry. While we are preparing to construct the new Willis route, we also want to research other options to expand our fiber footprint in surrounding areas. Currently, our services are available to businesses and multi-dwelling units that are directly located along our fiber routes,” said Minburn Communications CEO Debra Lucht. “We are always researching ways in which we can expand our network to serve more. Cost studies, market demand, the competitive environment and even new technologies all factor into when and where we extend our fiber routes. We are committed to growing our network within the community.”

Construction of the new Willis west route is slated for this fall with completion by the end of the year. Members of the Minburn Communications team will be visiting businesses along the route sharing the good news that a World-Class fiber connection and state-of-the-art communications services will soon be available to them.

To learn more about this project or to see if a fiber connection is available to you, please contact Minburn Communications at 515-432-2200 or minburn@minburncomm.com.