Work progressing on former Stitches in Time building

Allison Ullmann - Staff
Work is progressing on the former Stitches in Time building. A restaurant is set to open late fall of 2018. PHOTO BY ALLISON ULLMANN/THE PERRY CHIEF

Work is continuing inside and outside the former Stitches in Time building, located at 1201 2nd St.

Owner JR Sheffer said the restaurant is on track to open in late fall 2018. Sheffer, who also runs Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive, said the Perry restaurant will have a different name and menu. He added that they will serve barbecue, along with other items like sandwiches and wraps.

Sheffer took possession of the former Stitches in Time building in March. Demolition started in April and has continued ever since.

Work is progressing on the inside and outside of the building. Tuckpointing recently started on the outside brick. The brick will later be acid washed. Inside, work is also being done on the brick to expose the walls.

Sheffer said they have framed in the kitchen. The hardwood floors have been uncovered and there are plans to patch in some of the original floorboards from the kitchen into damaged areas. The floors have also been reinforced as heavy equipment will be brought in for the kitchen.

“The building is so solid. We couldn’t do it without the building being so solid,” Sheffer said.

He added they plan to complete the demolition of the top two floors before the restaurant opens. The remodel of the upstairs portion will be tackled after the restaurant is up and running.

“I know how to do the commercial side. I’ve done a lot of buildings. But nothing like the size of this,” Sheffer said.

In an earlier story in The Perry Chief, the building was built in the 1900s. The base of the location is approximately 6,384 square-feet, with a lot size of 7,000 square feet, according to information provided by City of Perry Building Official, Abraham Cardenas.

Sheffer next wants to tackle the front portion of the building. The awning and front windows are slated for demolition as the building will house a restaurant instead of a retail space.

He is looking forward to seeing what the building will look like once the work is finished.

“If we can bring it back, it’s going to be so great,” Sheffer said.