Police Chief reminds local citizens to lock their bikes

Allison Ullmann - Staff Report
Bikes for sale during a previous City of Perry Bicycle and Unclaimed Property Sale. Police Chief Eric Vaughn recommends citizens register their bikes to help the department return unattended or stolen bikes. FILE PHOTO/THE PERRY CHIEF

The return of summer means more people are out riding their bikes around town. Some of those bikes have since reported stolen.

“I think there is a little bit of an uptick in it, but a lot of it is seasonal too,” Police Chief Eric Vaughn said. “We have a lot more people out riding their bikes. A lot of people tend to leave their bikes in their yard.”

Other kids leave their bikes unlocked at places like the McCreary Recreation Center and the Perry Public Library.

“But definitely we have more bikes out and about and that’s part of that increase,” Vaughn said of recent bike thefts.

He recommends registering bikes at the Perry Police Station. Those interested in registering their bike can come to the station and pick up a license for free. The registration form includes the make, model and serial number.

That information, Vaughn said, helps the department return a stolen bike or helps them be able to better track it down.

“There’s a lot of people who are walking by and think they’ll pick up a bike and off they go because it’s just so easy to grab,” Vaughn said.

One way to avoid that, he said, is to make sure both kid and adult bikes have locks.

Vaughn added that the bikes should be locked when kids are at the rec center or the library. Another way to prevent theft, Vaughn said, would be to store a bike in a garage or lock it up at an apartment building.

He also recommends local citizens should report any bike that is stolen to the police department.

“Always report it. Whether it be a bike theft or someone stealing $5 out of your car, we want to know that information. It may lead us to something else,” Vaughn said.