Soccer Complex Contractor let go

Kiley Wellendorf - Staff

The City of Perry has cut ties with Soccer Complex contractor Spring Lake following their inability to complete punch-list items on Friday, Nov. 10. Spring Lake previously hired on J&M Lawn and Landscaping to help finish the Pattee Park Soccer Complex.

“We keep progressing,” Matt Ferrier, Principal Engineer at Bolton & Menk told council. “We did have a meeting on Oct. 24, that was representatives of the state, ourselves, the contractors as well and the attorneys and bonding agents; there was discussion about what was left to be completed and they were given a completion date of Nov. 10.”

“Nov. 10 did come and go, we did not see the work completed, as a result we issued a letter of termination on Nov. 13.”

Moving forward, the city is working with the bonding agent.

Both Josh Shields, Landscape Architect, and Ferrier have continuously updated the council on the project’s status.

In a previous city council meeting on Monday, Nov. 6, City Administrator, Sven Peterson, informed members of the Council of the final date to finish items for the soccer field on Friday, Nov. 10.

If not completed in time, the City would terminate the duo contracts.

“A couple of weeks ago, we met with the contractor as well as their bonding agent and insurance company, and we had a discussion,” Peterson said. “After that, it came to a little bit of a pause in work, so we notified them that they had to complete the punch-list items by what will be this Friday, [Nov. 10] otherwise we will be calling the bond.”

“This is kind of the last straw - they have until Friday, period.”

Members of the City Council previously struggled with the lag in the project’s completion date.

Councilman Chuck Schott commented on the optimism of a 2018 fall date during the Aug. 14 meeting.

“I was down there last week and I walked the field and looked and was somewhat stunned,” Schott said. “It’s a ton of work to be done.”

Mayor Elect, John Andorf expressed his concern about the progress during the previous August meeting.

“I was disappointed about what I saw or what I didn’t see as terms of progress, or more so lack of progress,” Andorf said.

Dr. Randy McCaulley, 2nd Ward City Councilman, spoke on his experience of walking the field during the August meeting.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I’ve seen a lot of fields put in during my lifetime and this is by far the worst field I’ve seen, ever,” Dr. Randy McCaulley told the council.

It was noted during the Nov. 6. meeting that the completion date of the project is now over 200 days overdue.