City Council discusses yard waste, projects

Kiley Wellendorf - Staff
Mayor Jay Pattee and Sven Peterson, city administrator at a previous City Council Meeting. FILE PHOTO/THE PERRY CHIEF

On Monday, Nov. 20, Perry’s City Council met for a regular-scheduled bi-monthly meeting. All council members were present during the meeting except for At-Large Dean Berkland.

The following resolutions were discussed and approved during the meeting.

Adjustment in Yard Waste, new extension to burning dates

Due to the lack of leaves falling from the trees, citizens have brought forth concern over the current plan of yard waste days. The council approved the designation of both Wednesday, Nov. 29 and Wednesday, Dec. 6 as yard waste disposal dates, weather permitting.

“All yard waste except tree, or bush are to be placed in biodegradable paper yard bags with a maximum weight of 40 pounds, and set near the street curb in front of the residence during yard waste disposal dates,” notes the Perry City Council Summary Report.

In addition, city council members approved the extension of open burning dates to begin on Monday, Nov. 27 and extend through Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Contract for the “In The Shadow of the Rails” art project approved

Construction for the installation project “In The Shadow of the Rails” will begin, following Monday night’s approval of RDG Planning & Dahlquist Art Studio’s contract. The artwork will be located along the Raccoon River Valley Trail in Perry “to carry the same regional approach to the designated Iowa Great Place,” indicated the summary report.

“Probably at this point construction will be in the spring,” said City Administrator, Sven Peterson. “I’m still working on fundraising for that, but whatever is left over will come from local options sales tax.”

The design for the installation was previously approved during an early Aug. meeting, and the design will total $12,000 dollars.

“It’s kind of neat because it’s regional art, so we’re not just in it for ourselves, but we’re part of a bigger scheme,” said Mayor Jay Pattee. “Perry really is cooking when it comes to art.”

Retail Strategies, LLC. to assist Perry in further economic development, contract approved

The City of Perry will now work with Retail Strategies and learn from “Retail Academy.” According to the City Council summary report, the academy “provides tools, education, and guidance to communities seeking economic growth.”

“They’ll be doing an economic study of Perry and really analyzing the retail leakage that we have, so what a lot of people are leaving Perry for that if we were able to attract the right business, that business will stay in Perry,” Peterson said.

Both Perry Economic Development and the Perry Chamber of Commerce have each pledged $2,500 dollars to the $10,000 dollar program.

“The outcomes from this will be a really in depth demographic overview about Perry as well as what we have to offer as far as rooftops, it will also provide us with a list of no less than 15 potential businesses for us to be able to reach out to,” Peterson said.

The program would also provide local businesses with more community insight.

“That was something that I really stressed to them is what we would want is being able to take this information to our retailers that we already have, maybe there’s something that would fit with their business that they’re not doing now, this data shows that they can support that,” Peterson said.