Crossroads Church has room to share

Kiley Wellendorf - Staff

Crossroads Church of Perry has room to share and are looking to open their arms to others who would be interested in filling 2,800 square feet of space. The space was opened up following the New Opportunity’s early Oct. announcement of relocating to a separate space.

The move by New Opportunities also meant the Food Pantry would also leave the Crossroads Church building as the two organizations previously worked closely together.

“They [New Opportunities] came and met with us and they lost a lot of funding which we feel badly about,” said Crossroads Church Pastor, Rick Gates. “We offered to help them, some, but we’re still paying for this, so we couldn’t give them the space.”

The location has been the home of Crossroads since May of 2008.

Before its current home, Crossroads Church, Zion Recovery, and Head Start all rented out space in the old Middle School building before it was torn down.

Without a set building in mind or a space available, the church decided to build a location and share parts of the building with other organizations, much like the previous process from the middle school.

Gates later drew up a floor plan for the building and says the space appears similar to the middle school: 12 ft. wide hallways, open rooms resembling classrooms, restroom facilities that can host a handful of individuals.

“I’ve pastor-ed churches that sat empty all week long and I just flat out didn’t want to do that,” Gates said about combining forces and sharing the building.

The church is home to around 70-90 community members, and has also sheltered many organizations in their building: New Opportunities, Head Start, the Food Pantry, and Zion Recovery.

Those interested in the space must be a 501 C3, non-profit organization.

“The church is here for the community, we’re not here for ourselves,” Gates said.

The vision for the Crossroads Church building has remained a constant: a collaboration of people who bring wellness and enrich the community.

“We’re here to serve this community,” Gates said. “We’ve talked about anything from Habitat for Humanity to you name it - we’ve made some contacts, but so far nothing has panned out.”

For rental inquiries, contact Pastor Rick Gates for more information : 515-979-2154.