Mayor John Andorf and At-Large Vicki Klein talk new positions

Kiley Wellendorf - STaff
John Andorf is the sole candidate running for position as the Mayor of Perry. PHOTO BY KILEY WELLENDORF/THE PERRY CHIEF

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, Perry welcomed in two new candidates to city government: Mayor John Andorf and At-Large Council Member, Vicki Klein. Klein won the Perry with 213 votes, skimming by candidate Elizabeth Hix with an 8 vote difference.

“Eight votes is close, but it was a good election really,” said At-Large, Vicki Klein.

In this year’s city elections, John Andorf ran as the sole candidate for Mayor, and Klein was joined by candidates Elizabeth Hix, Harlan Den Beste, and Ron Leber.

“Growing up, living here now, this is my home and I’m taking an interest,” Klein explained about her reason for running. “I have the time and I have some concerns.”

This is the first time Klein will be involved in City Council, but was previously appointed to be Chair of Fly Iowa in 2013, and she is currently serving on the Dallas County Planning and Zoning Commission.

Klein looks forward to learning more about city council before officially joining in January.

“I’ve got some ideas, but I think my first thing is to get in there, learn the process, and try to go from there,” Klein said. “I’m looking forward to the rest of the council, I know most of them, so I hope we can all work as a team.”

John Andorf, sole candidate for Perry’s Mayor, received a total of 471 votes, a 91.10 percent victory.

“I was glad to see I got such widespread support,” Andorf said.

Andorf has served on the City Council since 2014 and announced in Sept. his campaign for Mayor.

“I enjoyed working with citizens and also the City Administrator and the council, and also the mayor was very helpful as I started on the council,” Andorf said. “I felt like I had some good experience in working with the city government; I felt like I was responsive to the citizens of Perry anytime they called me with a concern, that I followed up and I think that’s very important.”

“I felt like Perry was on a good track, a progressive, positive track and lots of good things have happened, and I feel good about the direction Perry is going

Andorf is proud of the community.

“I just feel like the community as a whole is pretty involved and really for the most part want to see Perry move forward, and I just wanted to continue to be part of it,” Andorf explained. “I would have been happy to do that continuing on the council; the Mayor position opened up and I decided I wanted to try that.”

“I think Perry’s heading for the most part in a good direction, and I’ve been excited over the last four years, and also even before that as [I’ve] been living in Perry for the last 40 years, to see that happen, I want to continue being an integral part in that,” Andorf said.

Being transparent to citizens and open to calls is important to Andorf, he says.

“I think it’s important for elected officials to understand that they work for the citizens, I take that seriously and will continue to do so.”

Come Jan. 2, Andorf plans on making himself available to the public.

“What I plan to do is spread several days a week up there [City Hall], not the whole day but to do anything I need to do with the City Department heads, the City Administrator, and just be available if somebody wants to stop up and see me there,” Andorf said.