Unofficial City Election Results for Perry and surrounding areas

Kiley Wellendorf - Staff
Perry's sole polling location was at the McCreary Community Building. Citizens were able to cast their vote up until 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, citizens of Dallas County took to the polls to determine who would fill seats in their respective communities as well as vote on the future of Local Options Sales Tax. The unofficial Dallas County results were made pubic on Tuesday evening, and will be made official at the Supervisors Board meeting


Bouton voted in a Write-In Candidate as the two-term Mayor. The Write-In Candidate received 23 votes with 100 percent.

A total of four candidates ran for the five open At-Large City Council members, leaving one seat open.

Bouton has voted in five to represent the At-Large positions: Write-In Candidate receiving 44 votes with 36.67 percent; Bob Slaughter receiving 22 votes with 18.33 percent; Camilla McCain earning 21 votes with 17.50 percent; Arlene Greiner receiving 17 votes with 14.17 percent; Linda Neville receiving 16 votes with 13.33 percent.

The Write-In Candidate for Bouton will be made public at the next Supervisors Board Meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 14.


Mayor Candidate, Breanna Gonzalez, was elected Mayor of Dawson with a victory of 76.67 percent earning 23 votes.

A Write-In Candidate for Mayor received 7 votes with 23.33 percent.

A total of five candidates ran for the five open At-Large City Council seats, a two-year term.

Dawson has voted in five to represent the At-Large City Council seats: Greg Lewis earning 31 votes with 22.30 percent; Maris Masengill earning 31 votes with 22.30 percent; Clarence Morman earning 24 votes with 17.27 percent; Robin L. Wolfe earning 22 votes with 15.83 percent; Tera Michelle Smith earning 16 votes with 11.51 percent.

A Write-In Candidate received 15 votes with 10.79 percent.


With a victory of 167 votes and 59.64 percent, Granger voted in Candidate Tony L. James as the new Mayor.

James ran against Mayor Candidate, Scott M. Smyth, who received 111 votes with 39.64 percent.

A total of five candidates ran for the two open At-Large City Council seats.

The following Candidates have been elected as At-Large City Council Members: Rob Saak, earning 178 votes with 35.18 percent; John Schutt earning 126 votes and 24.90 percent; Erik Smith earning 93 votes with 18.38 percent.

Candidate Lexi Diersen received 88 votes with 17.39 percent and Candidate Carla D. Drennen received 18 votes with 3.56 percent.


Mayor Candidate Travis Connick was elected mayor by a total victory of 31 votes, with 81.58 percent. A Write-In Candidate received 7 votes, totaling 18.42 percent.

Minburn did not have any candidates run for the three open At-Large City Council Member seats, or the one At-Large City Council Member to Fill Vacancy seat.

A Write-In Candidate for Minburn’s At-Large seat received 60 votes, totaling 100 percent. In addition, a Write-In Candidate for the At-Large City Council Member to Fill Vacancy received 12 votes, totaling 100 percent.

The elected Write-In Candidates will be made public at the next Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 14.


Mayor Candidate John Andorf was elected as Mayor with 471 votes, resulting in a 91.10 percent victory.

Four candidates ran for the sole open seat as At-Large City Council Member, a four year term. At-Large Candidate, Vicki Klein,won the Perry vote with a total of 213 votes resulting in a 36.41 percent victory.

Candidates Elizabeth Hix earned 205 votes with 35.04 percent; Harlan Den Beste earned 99 votes with 16.92 percent; Ron Leber earned 64 votes with 10.94 percent.

Dr. Randy McCaulley was elected to the Ward 2 position on City Council earning 146 votes with 99.32 percent.

“I want to thank the voters of Perry for supporting me, first of all, and I look to forward to working with the citizens, the city council, and the city administration as we continue to move forward and push towards more economic development, more housing, and more community development,” said newly-elected Mayor, John Andorf. “Because together, I think we can make a difference and finally, I want to recognize and thank Mayor Pattee for his years of service and dedication to the city of Perry and the greater community.”


A total of seven candidates ran for the three open At-Large City Council Member positions in Woodward.

The following At-Large canidates have been elected into the three open seats: Ashvin J. Patel earning 166 votes with 26.02 percent; James A. Gough earning 152 votes with 23.82 percent; Mary Bustad earning 114 votes with 17.87 percent.

At-Large Candidate Craig DeHoet received 76 votes with 11.91 percent; Frank T. Weatherbee received 57 votes with 8.93 percent. Andrew Wernli received 45 votes with 7.05 percent, and Dolores Crane received 26 votes with 4.08 percent.