Perry Public Library invests in “Hot Spots,” wireless from home

Kiley Wellendorf - Staff

Recently, the Perry Public Library has invested in “Hot Spots,” essentially a portable wireless connection which allows patrons to utilize the web at any location. The library has five in stock, all purchased through the City’s Local Options Sales Tax.

“Local options sales tax pays for probably two-thirds of the budget for the library materials,” said Library Director, Mary Murphy. “LOST funds are used for all of the computer technology; everything that you see in the library that’s technology related is paid for by LOST.”

The internet-usage at the Perry Public Library has continued to grow over the last few years, Murphy describes.

“I’ve been here for seven years, and in 2013-2014, we did the space renovation and we brought the computers out to the center of the library,” Murphy said. “At the time, we had twelve computers [and] now we have twenty-three,” Murphy said.

The discussion to bring hot spots into the library community has lasted around eighteen months, Murphy says.

Today, four devices can be checked-out up to a week, and one device can be checked-out for one-day at a cost of $5 dollars.

“It’s an extension of our service,” Murphy says. “We have computers here and internet capability, and then we have the which they bring their own devices and connect online - this is just taking the devices home for a little bit and bringing it back.”

To check out the device, users must be at least twelve-years-old.

“We wanted to make it available to middle and high school [students] that have homework,” Murphy said. “So that way if they have homework then they can come and check it out and they have connectivity at home.”

To check-out, library users must have a card in good standing: user is no longer a “new” member and the account does not foster any library fines.

Those who check out the device are given a patron copy of guidelines that detail proper use for the device such as keeping the device in temperature-appropriate places, as well as making sure the device isn’t returned in the bookdrop slot.

Although devices will be used outside of the library, Murphy says the library’s access policy will still be in place during check-out periods.

”It just says you’re not going to do anything illegal, you’re not going to download a movie, [and] you’re not going to infringe upon copyright law,” Murphy said.

Hot Spot devices are available for check-out today.