Thousands roll through Perry on Bacoon Ride

Thousands roll through Perry on Bacoon Ride

Perry was sizzling last Saturday.

Thousands of people rode through Dallas County and stopped in Perry for the 50-mile Bacoon Ride Tr3s on June 4.

Hotel Pattee, 1112 Willis Ave., hosted the stop in Perry and served their award-winning Bacon S’mores, smoothies, food, Bloody Mary’s and offered their air conditioned building for bikers to take a break in.

The Home Grown Tomatoes, a live band, played outside of the hotel on Willis Avenue.

Denise Hartz, owner of Hotel Pattee, said it was an awesome day not only for the hotel, but for the community.

“It was great that the stop was here,” Hartz said. “It brought so much awareness to a lot of people that haven’t been here. A lot of people were surprised. Cyclists got information and some are coming back to stay. It was wonderful marketing. People have never been here.”

She said cyclists enjoyed the air condition in the hotel.

“We had cyclists laying on the carpet and resting,” Hartz said. “We had beer outside, we had ping pong in the ballroom. It was really neat. We were busy. We felt like we had more people than the BRR ride.”

Bob Wilson, Perry Area Chamber of Commerce director, told the Perry Chief that he estimated more than 3,000 people on the ride stopped in Perry.

“We sold out of smoothies and it worked for the town too,” Hartz said. “We ran to Hy-Vee and got frozen fruit. It was a great weekend. We were excited and we are excited that people will come back.”

Wilson said he agrees that the event does bring a lot of great people to Perry.

“It is a great opportunity for us to showcase all of our amenities and services,” the chamber director said. “The weather was perfect and the group was impressed with the activities in Perry.”

The event even brought in people from out of state and out of the country.

Jukah Takasu, an Urbandale foreign exchange student from Japan, was training for the ride.

“It’s so fun,” Takasu said. “I like the idea of riding bicycles and eating bacon. I don’t really eat bacon, but I like it.”

Chuck Safris, of Urbandale, said the bacon Takasu normally eats in Japan, is similar to Canadian Bacon.

“This is my second Bacoon Ride,” Safris said. “She (Takasu) is going home on July 3 so this is what we have been training for as soon as the snow melted. I think we are going to make it.”

Stephanie Unternhrer, of Johnston, said she likes the Bacoon Ride.

“It’s got a lot of bacon,” Unternhrer said. “It’s fun. I would do it again.”

Trista and Mike Sage, of Johnston, said this was their first Bacoon Ride.

“This is worth 50 miles,” Trista said as she ate the Bacon S’mores. “This is the best stop so far. We waited all day for this.”

Javier Miranda, of Perry, was serving the Bacon S’mores.

He said the dessert won first place at this year’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines.

“I heard everyone likes it,” Miranda said. “I like it. It’s pretty good. It sounds weird.”

Jay Johnson, of Omaha, NB, said this was his first Bacoon Ride.

“It’s fantastic,” he said. “It’s a beautiful day, there’s a light breeze and it’s not too hot when you are rolling. There’s good company, a couple of my thousand friends are out there. I have rode the trail before and had my fill of Bacoon, or is it bacon?”