Some Woodward-Granger school staff see salary decrease

Cesar J

On June 20, at the Woodward-Granger school board meeting, superintendent Brad Anderson informed the members that some of the salaried staff lost wages due to the schedule change.

“The reason for the loss is that they went from one salary schedule format to a completely different format and in order to get them all on there, there was going to be some casualties somewhere,” Anderson said.

Anderson noted that going into negotiations that the Union had a responsibility to inform the staff that this might happen. The change might affect about three or four salaried employees and that was what it ended up being, he said.

The superintendent sympathized with those affected and emphasized how they were not happy about it.

Next on the agenda, Anderson said that both the middle and elementary school projects are on track. The schedule time line for the duct and air-conditioning work was ahead in a few areas however, but the reality was it should average out as things get rolling.

“We are in a situation where 85 to 90 percent of the demo is complete,” he said. “Happy where things are at right now.”

In other news, Anderson informed the board that the high school will be implementing a CPR training class when the teachers are set to return from summer break.

“We felt that it would be very good to have our staff trained at a minimal level in CPR,” he said. “As a result we have asked our school nurses to come in and do a CPR training in one of our back to school days.”

The class is not required by the state of Iowa but would expose the staff to the CPR training and background knowledge.

Anderson made it clear that the hour to two hour session doesn’t include all basic first aid. That would be an additional five to six hours of training.

“We do have designated people in our building that are going to be trained in first paid as well,” the superintendent said.