ICYMI: Five things you may have missed at Perry’s June 20 city council meeting

Stephanie IvankovichEditorsivankovich@theperrychief.com
ICYMI: Five things you may have missed at Perry’s June 20 city council meeting

Chris Hinds: Civil Servant of the Year

Quinn Adair, with Perry’s rotary club, awarded Chris Hinds, fire chief of the Perry Volunteer Fire Department, the Civil Servant of the Year award.

Hinds joined the department in 1984 and throughout the years he has done whatever is needed to get the department ready for any emergency to come their way, Adair said.

“In July of ‘06 Chris became Perry’s fire chief,” he continued. “The amount of time he continues to give our community is remarkable and commendable. He is perpetually involving his department, himself and the community in education and training on fire safety.”

The fire chief thanked the rotary club for the award.

“It’s very humbling to receive something like this,” Hinds said.

Hinds, a lifelong resident of Perry, said he tries to the best he can for his community.

“I want to thank council,” he said. “If it wasn’t for the council’s support, there’s a lot of things with the fire department that I wouldn’t be able to get done. That goes along with the city administrator, clerk and finance officer.”

He also thanked the firefighters.

“If it wasn’t for them doing the day to day hard work involved with keeping things going, I wouldn’t get a lot of it done,” Hinds added. “Thank you.”

Mayor Jay Pattee said the award is well deserved.

Operation of the Caboose

The Caboose will open next month under new vendor Jose Calderon.

Pattee said the city will be landlord of the venue located near the Racoon River Valley trail head.

Sven Peterson, city administrator, said Calderon has been putting his equipment in the Caboose.

“I’ve heard somewhere the 17th of July is the target date (to open),” Peterson said. “I’ve seen him in there working.”

Calderon will pay the city $75 a month and five percent of his gross sales.

City Salaries

City council members set the salaries of city employees.

Susie Moorhead, finance officer, said that most of the department heads received a 2.5 percent increase.

City salaries are listed on www.theperrychief.com.

Fourth of July Fireworks

City council passed a resolution to display fireworks in Perry on the Fourth of July.

The fireworks can be seen at Pattee Park. “It’s a great Perry tradition,” the Mayor said.

Money for the fireworks was raised by the community through the Perry Area Chamber of Commerce.

Fire trucks

City council members set a resolution to sell the Perry Fire Department’s 1983 Chevrolet Pumper truck.

The fire chief said the truck has outlived its usefulness.

After receiving four bids, the fire truck will be sold for $2,500.

The next item on the agenda, regarding firetrucks, was a resolution to approve the purchase of a 1991 Saulsbury pumper truck, from Endwell, NY, however, it sold before council members could approve the purchase.

The truck would have been paid for with the money from the old truck.

The search for another fire truck will continue after city council members set an amount for the fire department to spend on one.