Iowa Prayer Caucus Network to hold reading at Courthouse

Clint ColeEditor

From June 30 at 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. on July 3, you may find people out on the Dallas County Courthouse lawn reading the bible, nonstop, cover to cover. The event, held by the Iowa Prayer Caucus Network, was approved unanimously by the Dallas County Board of Supervisors at their regular meeting on Tuesday, June 14 in Adel.

The event would be similar to a Bible-reading marathon that happened in the rotunda of the State Capitol last year, which Brunscheen called an “amazing event” and then said that they are trying to do them state wide at County Courthouses.

“It’s really an organized event,” said Brunscheen. “They have over 50 counties committed at this time and it’s simply reading the Bible from beginning to end.”

Brunscheen said that reading the Bible from beginning to end takes about 80 hours.

“It’s not complicated. No microphones or anything like that,” said Brunscheen. “It’s just intended to be a pop-up tent, possibly a podium, a Bible and a light for the night time.”

He said that each county can establish a sign up page by 15-minute time increments throughout the 80 hours, which he would set up to allow people to sign up.

“It’s just a reminder that for many of us, God comes first in our lives and our nation was founded as a Christian nation and really an opportunity for Christians throughout the State and for our County in particular to come together in reading the Bible and honoring God, no matter what your denomination is,” said Brunscheen.