Building and grounds director gives project update at Perry school board meeting

Ashley LongPerry Chief Correspondent
Building and grounds director gives project update at Perry school board meeting

A facility update was given to school board members on the summer construction projects in the district.

During the Perry Community School District board meeting on June 13, Kevin McLaughlin, director of buildings and grounds, talked about the building of the maintenance unit for the athletic complex.

The building and grounds director said when the athletic complex was built, there was talk about building a place to store the equipment the maintenance would need.

With integration issues, the making of the building was postponed.

Currently, all equipment for the complex is stored off site, he said.

With talk about rebuilding the concession stands, McLaughlin said it creates problems for the industrial tech area that works over the spring and fall.

“All of that has to happen in chronological order,” McLaughlin said. “We need to get the equipment out there (temporary storage) so we can look at the concession stand piece and if we can keep industrial tech where it is at or move it somewhere.”

The maintenance building will be insulated all around and have rock flooring for the equipment, he continued.

With progress on the construction of a new concession stand, McLaughlin asked the city if it was required to upgrade the bathrooms as well.

“When touching old buildings, you usually have to bring everything up to code,” he said. “According to what we got back from the city, we can rebuild the concession stands and not upgrade the bathrooms.”

The costs of the construction would greatly increase if upgrading the bathrooms were required, he added.

Other topics included in the facility update was the design and estimated costs of the Industrial Technology Facility, presented by Paul Rathjen and Shive-Hattery.

Based on a wish list, the estimated construction price would be $3.6 million.

The cost includes equipments, design plans, electricity and services.