Perry Police Reports for the Week of June 10

Perry Chief

May 31

Someone called the police department because she noticed a large tree limb, on the 300 block of Warford Street, that was cracked and looked like it would fall at any moment. The police department contacted the street department and they said they would take care of it.

A Dallas County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher reported that a semi with a white cab carrying chicken threw gravel on a vehicle behind it causing their windshield to break. This incident occurred on Highway 169 and Highway 141. An officer patrolled the area but was unable to find the semi with the matching description.

An officer was observing video surveillance from Shopko, 1305 141st St. The store employee told police that he found a backpack that was stolen from the store. Inside the backpack was video games also stolen from the store. The employee said the suspect removed the security device.

Police responded to a call regarding a hound dog running loose, again. The loose dog was in the 2100 block of Warford. By the time an officer arrived to the area he saw the dog’s owner walking it home. The owner told police the kids had let the dog loose.

June 1

A woman reported that there was a “suspicious vehicle” at about 4:30 p.m. in the area of Summer Meadows and 16th Street. She said there is usually no traffic and it’s pretty quiet. She noticed the car at a stop sign for about five minutes. She told police she was concerned with a garage being open. She requested an officer to respond.

A woman reported that another woman was in the emergency room because she was bitten by her cat.

The police chief responded to a yard waste burning incident on the 400 block of Grove Street. Eric Vaughn, police chief, advised the man that he could not burn yard waste. The man had the waste contained and was allowed to let what he had burn out.

June 2

Someone notified the Perry Police Department because he put his car in the ditch on 335th Street and Duck Avenue and it was under water. Everyone was out of the car but one person was injured.

Crystal Garnett, 33, of Perry, is charged with driving under suspension.

Curt Hoyt, 51, of Perry, is charged with fifth-degree criminal mischief. According to the police report, Hoyt broke a car’s window. He was arrested on the 2000 block of Otley and 10th Street.

A man told police that he was solicited to do sexual acts. The man asked police officers to help him catch the person by going along with the story and have an officer confront the solicitor. An officer conducted extra patrol in the area of the residence — the location was not made public. The officer told the caller to cease contact with the solicitor. The officer told the man that the unknown person may be just bothering him or it was possibly the wrong number. The caller requested extra patrol.

Gustavo Vargas-Ruiz, 29, of Perry, was arrested on a Dallas County warrant for failure to appear on an original charge of driving under suspension. Vargas-Ruiz was also issued a first-offense citation for violation of open burning.

The compliance officer advised a woman that was selling items in the Hy-Vee parking lot that she needed a permit.

June 3

A woman’s child called police because her mom said that she would be home in a few minutes and she did not return. The caller said that she is with her 6-year-old sister and everything was okay, she was just scared for her mom. While the caller was on the phone her mother returned. The officer spoke to the mother who told police that she had to go to Tyson and children are not allowed and it was too hot to leave them in the car.

An officer picked up a counterfeit $10 bill from Raccoon Valley Bank.

A man reported that someone broke a lot of beer and liquor bottles in an alley on the 1700 block of Otley. The man was also in the process of cleaning it up, but just wanted the officers to be aware of the situation.

An assault is under investigation by the Perry Police Department. The victim did not receive medical attention.

June 4

Dimitiri Woodruff, 22, of Perry, is charged with driving under suspension.

An officer conducted patrol on 16th and McKinley until about 9 p.m. No violations were found.

Salvador Garcia-Rivera, 47, of Perry, is charged with going armed with intent.

Jose Sierra-Rodriguez, 25, of Des Moines, is charged with disorderly conduct.

June 5

A woman called police because she heard eight to 13 gunshots on the 500 block of Third Street. An officer patrolled the area but was unable to find anything.

Kum & Go, 1115 141st St., called police to report that someone drove off without paying $10.01 for their gas.

June 6

Police responded to a welfare check on the 2100 block of Fourth Street. An anonymous person called to report that two kids were playing by the window of an attic. The caller was concerned that the kids would fall out of the window. Police met with the homeowner to voice the concern.

A woman reported a dog that was running loose on the 1800 block of Willis Avenue. The dog was causing problems with traffic. Police responded and spoke with Jennifer Cruz, dog owner, about her dog running at-large. Cruz was then cited for first-offense dog at-large and failure to register animal with the city.

A man reported that a group of four or five kids were fighting in the dark at the recreation center. Police responded and found out the kids were “playfully wrestling.”

June 7

A woman brought in a baggie of white, tiny, crystal rocks. These rocks were found all over her yard - on the 2600 block of Willis Avenue - and had a strong odor. She said her dog was sick and was having trouble pooping. Police spoke with the owner of the shared property on Willis Avenue. The owner said that those were mothball crystals. She put them in her yard to deter the dogs because their owners were not cleaning up after them. After researching, police discovered that the mothball crystals are harmful to dog and cats and it could lead to an illness. She was advised not to put those crystals on her property.

Police spoke to a woman that left her small dog in her car in the Shopko parking lot. The car’s window was only open three to four inches. The dog owner said she had given her dog water before going inside and the dog gets worked up if she is not with her. Police advised her of the risks of leaving dogs in cars during warm weather. The woman said she understood then took the dog out.

Police are investigating a report of sexual abuse. No further information about this report has been released.