Five points from Perry’s June 6 city council meeting

Five points from Perry’s June 6 city council meeting

Perry’s city council meeting, on June 6, lasted less than an hour and most of the seats were filled.

City Administrator’s Report

During his report, Sven Peterson, city administrator, made it clear that the cameras attached to the traffic lights on First and Willis Avenue, are not used to catch drivers speeding or going through red lights.

“They are just sensors to tell when a car is up at the intersection,” Peterson said. “They are for turning lanes or to cross the street the other way. No red light cameras.”

The city administrator also reminded the public that the third Wednesday of the month will be the grass ordinance enforcement.

“Grass must be under eight inches for that,” he said.

Public Comments

Jonathon Levy, executive director of the Raccoon Valley Centre for the Arts, gave a short presentation to city council and the public. Levy said he and his wife Karina are hoping to establish the Raccoon Valley Centre for the Arts as an art center for Perry and the surrounding area.

“The educational programs we have will be available for kids to adults,” he said. “We have a musuem-quality art exhibit and we are planning an underground art museum for youth to experience.”

This is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, he added.

“We hope the community will give us support,” Jonathon said.

Their art exhibit is currently at La Poste.

“We will permanently move our art exhibit to our building,” he said. “We look forward to serving the kids of Perry with our program.”

Jonathon said they hope to develop art, dance and voice classes. The organization is located at 1205 Second St. in Perry.

Assistant Parks and Recreation Director

Becky Towers, McCreary Community Building coordinator, was named the assistant parks and recreation director.

The position was created in order to provide direction in the absence of John Anderson, parks and recreation director, Mayor Jay Pattee said.

The three positions at the recreation center are a parks and recreation director, a parks and recreation coordinator and an aquatics coordinator, Peterson said.

“In the absence of the parks and recreation director… there’s somebody to answer questions and go to in charge.”

Aquatics and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

Jimmy Kezar, aquatic coordinator at the McCreary Recreation Center, was named the aquatics and wastewater treatment plant operator. According to Peterson, Kezar has been spending some time at the wastewater treatment plant and has been taking various classes.

“He will be splitting his time between the rec center and the wastewater treatment plant,” Peterson said. “That actually creates a little bit of an opportunity at the rec. center to create the assistant parks and recreation director position. I think this is something that will really help out organizational chain of command out there.”

Perry Volunteer Fire Department merges with Dawson Fire Department

City council members unanimously passed a 28E - sharing agreement - with the City of Dawson. The Perry Volunteer Fire Department will take Dawson’s fire calls.

Peterson said Dawson will turn their equipment over to Perry and Perry will have a second fire station in Dawson.

Chris Hinds, fire chief of the Perry Volunteer Fire Department, said that the Dawson Fire Department has one first responder, a fire chief and three fire fighters.

“If the first responder is at work, out of town, they have nobody to respond,” Hinds said. “The same applies to the firefighters.”

The sharing agreement will help both Perry and Dawson.

“The overall city budget in Dawson feels that they cannot afford to support a fire department,” Hinds said. “They are looking for something a little more economical for them. This was the best fix for all parties involved.”

The city will get $1,500 a year from Dawson for their services.