Hanson, Helm win Primaries in Dallas County

Clint ColeEditor
Hanson, Helm win Primaries in Dallas County

Mark Hanson has won the Republican nomination for Dallas County Supervisor for District 2 and Julia Helm has won the Republican nomination for Dallas County auditor.

There has not been a Democrat to file papers for nomination yet in the race for Supervisor or Auditor but the Dallas County Democrats still have the choice to reconvene to nominate someone for those offices.

Hanson won the nomination with 1,052 votes (59.64 percent) while Doug Beavers took 520 votes (29.48 percent) and Eric Rose took 186 votes (10.54 percent).

“Obviously I’m pleased and honored, humbled by the support that I did receive from the Republican Primary voters and I want to thank Eric Rose and Doug Beavers for participating and running positive campaigns,” said Hanson. “That helps everybody, I think, to hear new ideas and learn about different issues.”

Helm had 1,166 votes (64.71 percent) to challenger Cate Bryan’s 636 (35.29 percent) in the race for Dallas County Auditor.

Helm ran at the urging of current Dallas County Auditor Gene Krumm, who is retiring at the end of his term.

“It was a great campaign and I felt like I had a lot of support from the community and, you know, next day we’re back to work,” said Helm.

Helm, who won by 29.42 percent said she didn’t know what to expect for a result.

“I just kept plugging along and making contacts and talking to people,” said Helm. “I knew that I had some grassroots support… I’ve lived here since 1997.”

The following candidates ran unopposed in their primary and won the nomination: Charles Schneider (R) and Andrew Barnes (D) for State Senator District 22, Chad Leonard (R) for Dallas County Sheriff, Rob Taylor (R) for State Rep. District 44, Clel Baudler (R) and Scott Heldt (D) for State Rep. District 20, Ralph Watts (R) and Bryce Smith (D) for State Rep. District 19, Jake Chapman (R) and Matt Paladino (D) for State Sen. District 10.

David Young of Van Meter locked up the Republican nomination for U.S. Rep. for District 3 and will face Jim Mowrer, who clinched the Democratic nomination, in the General Election.

“I look forward to a spirited and respectful debate on each of our own visions and solutions for this great state, our nation, and her hardworking people,” said Young in a news release

Patty Judge won the nomination for the Democratic Party for U.S. Senator and will face Chuck Grassley in the General Election.