Supervisor candidates gear up for Primaries

Clint ColeEditor
Supervisor candidates gear up for Primaries

On Tuesday, June 7, voters in Dallas County will head to their voting locations to cast their ballots in the Primary Election. One thing that people will be able to vote for is who will be the Republican nominee for the Dallas County Supervisor seat that is up for election this year.

The candidates are Mark Hanson, the incumbant, Doug Beavers of Stine Seed and Eric Rose, former facilities manager for Dallas County.

Hanson says that being the incumbant can be a good thing or a bad thing.

“Obviously I’m very proud of many of the accomplishments that have occurred and I think the majority of the citizens would think that things are going pretty well,” said Hanson. “If things weren’t going well then I don’t know if there’d be an advantage, but certainly with name recognition and understanding what truly has occurred is favorable.”

There have been many accomplishments by Hanson during his tenure as Dallas County Supervisor including reducing the tax levy from 9.71 percent to 7.94 due to the growth in the county, the refurbishing and rebuilding of the Dallas County Court House and adding 30 percent more space and making it handicap accessible, the development of the wetland bank, the completion of the north loop of the Raccoon River Valley Trail, re-purposing the Dallas County Care facility and turning it into the human services campus and partnering with DMACC to operate the farm out there as an agricultural campus.

“That’s a body of work that I am very proud of and the County’s in a better circumstance because I’ve been involved and engaged in that,” said Hanson. He also said that as far as he can tell, the county is providing the necessary services to the new people as Dallas County continues to grow.

Hanson is very visible in the community as he said he attends many community events. On Monday he attended the Memorial Day Service at the Iowa Veterans Cemetery and the Memorial Day Service in Waukee.

“I’m very visible in the community and have been ever since I was elected,” said Hanson.

For the other two candidates, Beavers and Rose, they have to go the extra mile to get their names out there and get the visibility that Hanson already has from his years as a Supervisor.

Beavers has a Facebook page that he operates to get the word out about his campaign in addition to door knocking and meeting people in Dallas County and has hit every city in the county at this point. Beavers said that the conversations he has with people about his campaign have been “interesting” so far.

“Everybody has their own agenda, their own things they want to see taken care of,” said Beavers. “The big thing is the growth of the county and then the rural people are upset with the condition of the secondary roads. Those seem to be the two that I hear the most of.”

Rose has been doing advertising, directing people to his website and calling people on the phone to talk about his issues. Rose said he has had conversations with people who are happy with things and people who aren’t.

“A lot of them are happy to have someone call them,” said Rose. “I’ve gotten a few ear fulls from a few people discontented… It’s about half and half of people that are happy with the way things are going and that aren’t happy with the way things are going.”

Rose and Beavers said that there are people they have talked to that believe some of the bigger cities in Dallas County: Waukee, Urbandale, Clive and West Des Moines are getting more attention than the other cities in the area.

All three candidates said that they believe that the support level is good for their campaigns as the Primary Election approaches.

The Primary Election is on Tuesday, June 7 and the polls are open from 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. Visit the Iowa Secretary of State’s website, to find your polling location.

To cast a vote for Hanson, Beavers or Rose, you must be a registered Republican since Iowa has “closed primaries.”