Police Reports for the Week of June 3

Perry Chief

May 25

A Perry police officer reported a trespass at Perry High School during the previous night.

Christian Ortiz, 23, of Perry, was arrested on a Dallas County warrant for failure to appear on an original charge of assault.

Christopher Smith, 35, was arrested in Des Moines, for forgery and fourth-degree theft. Smith was also wanted in Dallas County.

At 11:30 p.m. a woman called police because someone on the 2500 block of McKinley was mowing their yard. The woman said that she was trying to sleep. Police responded and advised the man mowing of the complaint. He told police that he had just finished mowing and was putting the lawn mower away.

May 26

Perry police officers responded to an altercation after 12:30 a.m. on the 2300 block of McKinley. The woman caller said that a male - one she shares the same house with - returned from work and got in an argument with her. He began throwing glass and then he cleaned it up. She reassured officers that he is not intoxicated and there are no weapons that she knows of, she just wants him out of the house. Police spoke with both parties involved. They told officers that the argument was verbal. The male agreed to leave the house for the night.

A severe thunderstorm warning was issued by the National Weather Service at about 2:30 a.m. for northern Dallas County.

At almost 3 a.m. a resident living on the 900 block of Rawson called police because a car crashed into his house. The caller said two males were inside the car. An investigation showed that the car was driving south on West Third Street and left the roadway on Rawson Street and hit the trailer parked near the resident’s house. The driver and passenger left the scene prior to the officers’ arrival.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch around 2 p.m. in Dallas County.

An assault at a local school is under investigation. Charges could be filed if necessary.

May 27

An officer reported that there was an assault at Perry High School.

A caller reported that his iPhone 6 fell out of his pocket at the McDonald’s parking lot. The caller used the Find My Phone app and found out that it was in Norwalk. He reported it stolen. Police made contact with the person that found the phone. That person told police that he would return it to McDonald’s. The officer said that he would pick up the phone from McDonald’s after it was returned.

Wilbert Wynes, 54, of Perry, is charged with first-offense public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

May 28

Noe Charro-Monzon, 37, of Perry, is charged with leaving the scene of a property damage accident, no driver’s license and failure to maintain.

After a complaint, police spoke to a resident on the 2600 block of Warford about their dog. The caller told police that their dog was tied to a long chain, came in her yard and was chasing a small child. The child is fine but the caller wanted police to talk to the dog owner about keeping it in their own yard.

Ramiro Rodriguez, 48, of Perry, is charged with 10 counts of child neglect out of Wisconsin.

Amber Escalente, 28, of Perry, is charged with driving under suspension.

Ryan Reece, 39, of Perry, is charged with driving while barred.

May 29

An anonymous caller reported a bad smell on the 1400 block of Sixth Street. The caller also said there was maggots all over the backyard of the house that the smell is coming from. Police spoke to a resident of the house. The resident said he buried a cat in the backyard and he didn’t realize there was an odor coming from the ground. The officer gave the man suggestions on how to fix the problem.

Police responded to a woman that said a large branch fell from a tree onto her van that was parked on the 2700 block of Otley Street. The branch caused damage to the right fender and hood of the van. An officer said he would make contact with the city and determine who is responsible to pay for the damage.

Miah Lepke-Yor, 18, of Perry, is charged with minor in possession of alcohol.

Douglas Rivas-Melendez, 25, of Perry, is charged with first-offense public intoxication, disorderly conduct and interference with official acts causing injury.

Katherine Alvayero, 15, of Perry, is charged with minor in possession of alcohol.

Jennifer Alvayero, 16, of Perry, is charged with minor in possession of alcohol.

Norma Alvayero, 18, of Perry, is charged with minor in possession of alcohol.

May 30

The National Weather Service issued severe weather watch for thunderstorms in Dallas County.

A trailer, on the 2800 block of First Street, was on fire. The fire department responded.

May 31