Perry Pets: Joy

Stephanie Ivankovich
Perry Pets: Joy

She’s a little bundle of Joy. Cesar Toledo, Perry Chief sports reporter, and Melissa, his wife, are the parents of Joy, a 2-year-old Chiweenie. The Toledos adopted the part Chihuahua and Dachshund mix in August of 2013 following the loss of their other small dogs. “We both had little dogs before my wife and I met each other,” Toledo said. “Although it was heartbreaking to have had to put them down due to health complications and old age, we missed having a dog and furry companion. Plus my wife insisted (on getting one) and you know how that goes.”

Joy has a lot of pluses about her, Toledo said.

“She doesn’t bark much and when she does it sounds like a sneeze,” he said. “She has never chewed on any of our furniture or other possessions in the house except for our ottoman when she was just a puppy. She doesn’t have any accidents at home. Those are big pluses for us.”

But she’s not a very good listener, he added.

“Okay, she has selective hearing,” Toledo joked. One of Toledo’s favorite stories about Joy is the time he and his wife picked her up from a play date with another dog Cooper.

“We were all in the living room talking when Joy disappears,” he said. “A minute later we hear her coming down the stairs and she then walks in with Cooper’s weasel toy in her mouth. We couldn’t believe she did that and couldn’t be mad at her for making herself at home.”

Despite Joy making herself at home while she is at Cooper’s house she suffers from anxiety, he said.

“She is basically scared of everything and burrows under her blanket on her bed or hides in the closet,” Toledo said. “The vet said it’s something she’ll never get over.”