New York Times best-selling author comes to Perry

Stephanie Ivankovich

A New York Times bestselling author came to Perry.

C.J. Box, author of more than a dozen novels from Wyoming, held a book signing at Hotel Pattee, then talked about his newest book Blue Heaven at the Perry Performing Art Center on Sept. 17.

Box’s books have a common theme of being set in the mountains out west and are contemporary mystery horrors.

Box was brought here by the group Dallas County Reads One Book in conjunction with the Perry Public Library and the Dallas County Library Association.

Dozens of people from across the state and even other states came to meet the author.

Sue Stokely-Redlien came from Kansas City to meet him.

She started reading Box’s novels after she fractured her ankle and was forced to sit in a chair for a while.

“I read Blue Heaven and then I became so entranced with Joe Pickett, his series,” Stokely-Redlien said. “I started reading and I read all of them. He’s very poetic. I really enjoy his writing. We lived in the west so I am fascinated— he really knows the west. This is wonderful Perry is doing this. This is my first book signing I’ve been to.”

Walter Tibbetts, of Story City, brought nine books to get signed.

“I’m a big fan,” Tibbetts said. “I’ve been collecting from the start. They are great books.”

Jennifer and Scott Brockman came from Adel and both said they are grateful for the local librarians for organizing the book talk and signing.

“We have excellent people that run our libraries and these programs,” Scott said.

Jennifer said she is so thankful for that.

“In a small town that’s not happening for a lot people,” Jennifer said. “We are thrilled to be here and we are thrilled to meet him. We have lots of questions for him about the book.”

Mary Murphy, Perry Public Library director, said she was thrilled too.

“Here’s a rockstar to librarians,” Murphy said. “I’m so thrilled with the turnout. My favorite book by him is Open Season.”

Box told the Perry Chief he was happy to be in Perry. Box’s daughter went to Drake University and is now an attorney in Des Moines.

“The event is really well organized and this is a beautiful hotel,” Box said. “It’s really cool. I really like it. And any excuse I can come visit my daughter I take it.”

Box’s novel was for sale after the event.