Perry Pets: Johnny and Frankie

Stephanie Ivankovich
Perry Pets: Johnny and Frankie

They’re just her big babies.

Melanie Schumacher, of Perry, has two babies. She isn’t talking about human babies, she calls her Pitbulls Johnny, 4 and Frankie, 2, her “big babies.”

She first saw Johnny on the Perry Humane Society Facebook page. Schumacher asked if Johnny was a Pitbull, humane society staff said he wasn’t.

“They said he’s a Lab-Mastiff mix,” she said. “Then I found out through DNA he is a Pitbull. I then found out I love Pitbulls.”

She originally didn’t want a Pitbull.

“I wouldn’t have adopted him if I knew he was a Pitbull,” Schumacher said. “But now I have two.”

She got Frankie in January of this year.

“After I adopted Johnny I started volunteering at the animal shelter,” she said. “Then he had been there for a long time so I decided to take him home. I wasn’t looking for another dog, I just got attached to him.”

The two dogs get along well.

“At first they had a little bit of a battle of who’s on top, I don’t think that’s ever been settled,” Schumacher said. “They wrestle around a lot. Then they sleep together.”

Johnny is the big baby and Frankie is like a goofy little kid, she said.

Together she has three dogs. Her other dog is Nando, an 11-year-old Chihuahua. “I fed the big dogs then Nando, the five-pound dog, starts eating Johnny’s,” she said. “Johnny, the 100-pound dog, just stood there like what am I supposed to do? He’s eating my food. The little dog is in charge.”

Nando tends to keep to himself.

“Nando doesn’t mind Johnny but he doesn’t like to get too close to Frankie. He harasses the Chihuahua.” As a dog mother of two, Schumacher said she cannot say enough about owning Pitbulls.

“I didn’t want a Pitbull. I didn’t necessarily think Pitbulls were worth the risk just from what the media showed me. But now, I mean, they are just the nicest dogs. It just so happens a lot of the kind of people that own Pitbulls are irresponsible. Pitbulls are attractive to irresponsible people who want a tough looking dog. They are tough, they’re strong.”