Perry Health Care Center lands big fine from the state

Stephanie Ivankovich
Perry Health Care Center lands big fine from the state

A Perry care facility lands thousands of dollars worth of fines from the state.

Perry Health Care Center, 2625 Iowa St., is fined $13,500 from the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals Health Facilities Division Citation.

According to documents obtained by the Perry Chief, the nursing home was cited for not taking adequate care of residents from July 15 to Aug. 18 of this year.

An $8,000 fine was given to the business is because it failed to assess and intervene with interventions when residents experienced condition changes and following a fall with injury for three of 12 residents reviewed.

A $5,000 fine is because the facility failed to provide adequate supervision to protect against hazards when staff transferred a resident from a shower chair. This sample consisted of 12 residents.

Lastly, the Perry Health Care Center landed a $500 fine for failing to administer the correct medication as ordered by the physician which resulted in a significant medical error. This error could have resulted in an acute medical condition.

The fines are based on observation, record review, staff and physician interviews and review of the facility policy and procedures. The sample consisted a census of 26 residents.