Perry DMACC has a new director

Stephanie Ivankovich
Perry DMACC has a new director

The DMACC at Perry Vankirk Career Academy has a new director.

Rick Carpenter is the new director of the DMACC in Perry.

Carpenter has been with DMACC for 11 years. He has been in higher education for 26 years.

He came from the DMACC Southridge Center in Des Moines where he helped coordinate and build the school up.

“Here I oversee the Perry VanKirk Center,” the director said. “I oversee all the programing that runs out of this facility— that is the high school programing, the credit programing and the ESL and the high set programing that runs out of this building.”

Carpenter is replacing Hollie Coon, the former director that was transferred to the DMACC Southridge Center last July. “Hollie did a fabulous job running the Vankirk Center so I just want to take off where she left off and try to help build and provide that educational opportunity to Perry and the surrounding communities,” he said. Carpenter said so far he enjoys Perry.

“I was raised and grew up in a small town which I really enjoyed, a very ag community, so this is nothing new to me. I am kind of excited and I do like the small town opportunity.”

Carpenter said he will be moving to Perry.

“That to me is a huge plus because I like that small town feeling.”

The DMACC director said he will be involved in the community.

“I am in Rotary now and I plan to get involved as much as I possibly can. I want to look at ways I can contribute not only myself, but also DMACC as well, to help build the community. I’m definitely going to do my part not only for DMACC but also personally.”

As director his goals are to increase enrollment and reach as many traditional and nontraditional students that want to come back to get a degree.

“I also want to help increase our high-set and also our ESL numbers here at the Perry center,” he said.