Rain causes floods in Perry, again

Stephanie Ivankovich
Rain causes floods in Perry, again

When it rains it pours. According to the National Weather Service 3.74 inches of rain was collected in Perry on Sept. 7. This is the third time this season that rain caused local flooding.

At the city council meeting on Sept. 8 Sven Peterson, city administrator, said that he has been getting more calls from the public about basement flooding.

“It’s a lot of the same people, but I’ve had new people pop up,” Peterson said. “We are evolving the scope of what we are looking at.”

To help combat flooding city crews have been cameraing and jetting.

“What they are getting back is not what I was hoping… but we will probably be looking at some large projects here in the next couple of years,” he said.

The city administrator said crews will also pump sanitary sewers with unharmful smoke to look for voids or downspouts.

The smoke tests will be conducted from Pattee Street to Willis Avenue, from 7th Street to 11th Street. “We expect to see smoke coming from out of the road and ground and places wherever something tied in that shouldn’t be,” Peterson said. John Andorf, at-large council member, said the public will be made aware of the smoke tests before it happens and a drone will be flying over when the tests are conducted.

“The smoke tests will give us a better idea of it’s a lining project, a spot-repair project or a tear-up-the-whole-street project,” Peterson said. “I’m hoping we can line or do some spot repairs, but it’s kind of, maybe not looking so much like that.”

Surveys will also be sent out to determine if someone has had issues, when they have had issues and how severe those issues are. With that information, the city administrator said it will be compiled and a CDPG grant will be put together. “It really depends on how all of this stuff comes out,” Peterson said. “It’s an ongoing project. We need to research and do the right things with what we got. It’s going to be an ongoing project.”

The city administrator said he and city staff need to know if someone has issues.

“We need to know where the issues are,” he said.

Randy McCaulley, 2nd Ward council member, said people have said to him that these rains are “once in a century.”

“Well, you know what,” McCaulley said. “I don’t think that’s the case. We can’t say rain is once a decade, once a century. I think the weather is really messed up and we may have this forever more now. We may have these heavy rains more than regular rain falls.”

Peterson joked that he was excited for winter.

“We could push the snow somewhere,” Peterson said.