Preschool celebrates 30 years

Stephanie Ivankovich
Preschool celebrates 30 years

Thousands have gone through a local preschool over the last 30 years.

Noah’s Ark Preschool, housed in Trinity Lutheran Church, 2715 Iowa St., has approached its 30th anniversary this year.

Holly Killmer, director and head teacher, said over the years thousands of students have gone through the program that’s funded from parents’ tuition and various grants.

“The socialization, taking direction from another adult, learning how to play with others, how to follow rules in a different setting other than home are things children have got out of preschool,” Killmer said.

A major change is that for the first time this year Noah’s Ark is serving 2 and 3-year-olds, Killmer said.

The kiddos love dramatic play and listening to live music during preschool, the director said.

“They also love helmets, bikes, tricycles and scooters,” Killmer said. “They love it when we go outside and play with those. Pastor Ken also plays his guitar with the kiddos with each group one day a week and they love to sing with the guitar.”