Perry Pets: Sherlock

Stephanie Ivankovich
Perry Pets: Sherlock

He’s named Sherlock for a reason. That’s because the 5-year-old Beagle-Coon Hound always has his nose to the ground.

“I like Sherlock Holmes, he investigates everything. It’s a good name for him,” said Jeremy Winter, Sherlock’s owner. Winter rescued Sherlock on Labor Day weekend in the year of 2013.

Winter’s wife wanted a dog.

“She grew up with dogs her whole life,” Winter said. “We got married five months before that. She took that five months to wear me down because I wasn’t so gung-ho on an inside dogs. I grew up on a farm and we always had farm dogs, they stayed outside.”

Winter finally gave in and found Sherlock.

“He’s just a real friendly dog and a good fit for us,” Winter said. Despite his friendliness, Sherlock took time to warm up to Winter.

“He was very weary of me,” he said. “He had been in not the best situation before. He slowly warmed up to me. The first time he actually jumped on me and wanted to get on my lap was a good moment. He took to my wife right away though, she never had that issue.”

Winter loves to smell.

“He gets so excited smelling,” Winter said. “He spends all day out in the yard. He will skip meals and everything to smell. He loves to smell.”

Winter, the pastor or Mt. Olivet Church, brings Sherlock to work.

“He spends a lot of time here greeting people,” he said. “If anybody comes to church during the week he’s usually there.”