Perry Pets: Roudy

Stephanie Ivankovich
Perry Pets: Roudy

This Rat Terrier is looking for a friend.

Not to be confused, Lisa Jacobsen, of Perry, is not giving away her 7-year-old dog. Roudy is just looking for a friend.

Jacobsen rescued Roudy from the Animal Rescue League when he was just 10-months-old, after her two poodles died. She said one of her poodles died from a heart condition and the other one was its bonded buddy and started withering away.

Her son, who she believes was 3 or 4-years-old, kept wanting a dog.

“Finally my husband said, ‘yeah, let’s get him a dog,’” Jacobsen said.

The moment Roger, her son, saw Roudy at the Animal Rescue League, he wanted him.

“He didn’t want any other dogs there he wanted Roudy,” she said. “They got Roudy out and they sat on the floor and Roger went right on his lap.You know the saying, ‘you don’t know who rescued who?’ It kind of became that way for Roudy and I.”

Roudy quickly drew to Lisa.

“You know how animals pick their masters? He ended up picking me— even though he plays with Roger,” Lisa said. “He also plays with Leonard, my grandson who lives with us. But he still ended up picking me because… I don’t know.”

When Lisa stepped out of a rest stop onto a curb she ended up shattering her toe bone, she had a plate and seven screws.

“My husband took as much of his time he could out of work— all of his sick leaves, vacation, everything he could to cash in he did to stay home and take care of me,” she said. “Our son has one of those trundle beds. Our son slept on the lower trendal, my husband slept on the upper trundle bed and if I had to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom Roudy would go to my husband in the other bedroom and take his paw and my husband said he would lightly paw him until he woke up. Then my husband would come and help me. When I was back in bed Roudy would get back in bed with me.”

Since then Roudy follows her.

“No matter what room I go in,” she said. “I don’t care what room in the house it is— including the bathroom, he will follow me. He will wait until I sit down somewhere. So he pretty much picked me.”

Lisa loves the silly things he does.

“One of the cutest things people have said they seen Roudy do, which warms my heart, is when he sits on my lap— he’ll sit on his hind legs and lean his body against mine, then he’ll put his head under my chin, like a small child. It’s like he wants to sit on Momma’s lap.”

Lisa said Roudy is now looking for a playmate. The dog is friendly and loves to ball play ball. Lisa said if anyone knows of a playmate for Roudy they can contact her.