The Jayettes were all ready for their scheduled Zoom call Wednesday. They’ve been meeting on a weekly basis for team building throughout the extended offseason ever. But Wednesday’s call had a surprise in store. Instead of talking about keeping in-shape and mentally preparing for a season that had yet to be announced, they could officially celebrate.

As the state department of education announced, summer sports can resume along with other school activities on June 1 with games starting on June 15.

Come Thursday, the revised schedule came out for softball and baseball. Look for the full softball schedule at the bottom of the story.

Now it’s time to see if all of the team’s work and organization to stay focused for the season is going to pay off.

Along with holding Zoom calls every Wednesday since practices were first supposed to start, head coach Tina Lutterman also created a team Instagram page.

“I felt like the majority of girls connected on social media, and that way the parents could follow too,” Lutterman told the Perry Chief. “So I would post suggested workouts and things for them to try and text them in the morning so that they had something to do. Because you know, all we really had was time.”

And while Lutterman couldn’t personally interact with players, she said it was always nice to hear one the “ting” from the bat and tee of one of the girls in the neighborhood.

With that amount of preparation to keep in mental and physical shape while waiting for the fate of the season, Lutterman said she feels the team won’t be starting behind everyone else.

The team’s focus is also guided by a group of five team leaders in the newly created Captain’s Council consisting of Cassidy Heck, Jasmyn Barck, Kennedy Tunink, Macy Killmer, and Lydia Olejniczak, which Lutterman said has been instrumental getting everyone involved early on.

Though the high school season lives on, the Perry Girls Softball Association decided it would cancel the season with hopes of returning in some form in the fall.

“We decided that starting it up in July or later, we weren’t sure that parents wanted to try to pull that commitment in for later in the summer,” Lutterman said. “And would they even feel comfortable having their girls play because everyone has their own opinions on how to handle the situations and how much exposure they should have. And we didn’t want to put that pressure onto anybody so we made that decision for them.”


6/16 Gilbert

6/17 ADM

6/18 @Saydel

6/19 @Roland-Story Invitational

6/19 @Roland-Story Invitational

6/20 @Roland-Story Invitational

6/20 @Roland-Story Invitational

6/22 @Winterset

6/24 @Carroll

6/25 @Boone

6/26 Madrid

6/27 @Pella Christian Tournament

6/29 Carlisle

6/30 Des Moines North

7/1 @Bondurant-Farrar

7/2 Ballard

7/7 Winterset

7/9 Regional Quarterfinal

7/11 Regional Semifinal

7/14 Regional Final

7/20 State (July 20-24)