This score doesn’t tell the whole story. The season’s not over yet.

Bondurant-Farrar (13-8, 3-7) came to town Friday for the Jayettes’ season finale, crashing Senior Night in Perry (6-15, 0-12). Despite the final 67-32 loss, head coach Skylar Wolf said he saw reasons to believe the team isn’t finished.

Not only did the Jayettes cut down the deficit they saw last time (76-34) against their conference rivals with a shared mascot, they did so without a couple key contributors. Both Jayna Kenney and Ashley Cerna were held out of the game after missing school with sick days.

“I thought Kennedy (Tunink) and Ainsley (Marburger) did a really good job of stepping up tonight,” Wolf said.

In lieu of Kenney and Cerna on the floor, the Jayettes still kept the game within reach after the first eight minutes which Wolf said he felt was one of the team’s best openings of the season. That resulted in a 16-14 deficit. It was the rest of the ride that got out of control.

Bondurant gradually built on that lead from there on out, limiting Perry to just a handful of big moments the rest of the way.

Playing a key role as she has all season, senior Molly Lutmer — en route to 14 points — was in for a number of crucial plays to push the team and crowd. The crowd got the biggest rise on a call to the SWAT team in the final minutes of the first half, but like a pump fake from Lydia Olejniczak (10 points) to put the game at 29-21 in the second quarter, Bondurant simply had a greater share of gamechangers. Three Lady Jays had at least a dozen points.

“Basketball’s a game of four quarters and we had about one and a half tonight and you just can’t compete with that and win,” Wolf said.

But one thing that Bondurant missed was efficiency from the perimeter. The last time the two teams met, the Lady Jays sank 12 three-pointers. This time around, Wolf said the team’s hanging its hat on allowing only five.

While the game was pushed out of range by more close-range shots, it was kept slightly closer than the previous night’s 52-15 loss to a top 10 Ballard team. Perry was without two starters in that game as well.

Perry will have to keep Bondurant’s leash even closer to the chest in order to keep the season alive. While the regular season was capped, the Jayettes have one more visit with the the Lady Jays in the first round of regionals.

Wolf said he wasn’t particularly thrilled to see that his team was paired with a team that previously won by over 40 points, but after breaking down the film this week and improving without a couple starters Friday, Perry isn’t out of the race yet.

“We’ll come equipped with a better team,” Wolf said, crossing his fingers that no one else gets sick.

They’ll hit the road for the re-match Wednesday, Feb. 19.