Perry went down I-35 to Carlisle (12-8) on Monday, June 24 with some unfinished business. The last time the Bluejays saw the Wildcats, they left with a 12-0 loss, Perry’s largest margin of the year. Since then, the Bluejays haven’t been shutout in nine games. Hoping to get that streak to double digits, they found a lead but ultimately fell with 6-2 on the scoreboard that Perry made the Wildcats fight for in conference action.

Avery Meister made the start for the Bluejays, putting in six innings. With one run sent through in the first inning, Perry clapped back with a two-run inning in the third, putting Kato Dougan (leading the team with two steals) and Kaleb Olejniczak on the board with an RBI from Keghan West.

Already ahead of the count set from the first showing with Carlisle, Perry was on its way to reversing its fortune with a 2-1 lead until the Wildcats cycled through the order to take back the lead.

In response to Perry’s lead, Carlisle put up five of its own runs to take the lead to the end of the game.

It didn’t come without a fight from Perry’s side though. Meister closed out the game with three shutout innings, going three-up-three-down to close each. Three of Carlisle’s runs came off errors, leaving Meister with a game ERA of 3.50, his second-lowest of the season when pitching at least three innings.

Though the teams tied 0-0 through the final three innings, Perry went back to the bus with mounting motivation to find that first complete win of the season now standing at 0-15 with powerhouse Ballard (14-2) next on the schedule. Perry will take on the Bombers on Wednesday at 7 p.m. for another conference rematch, looking for revenge after a 5-1 loss earlier in the season on the road.