After the abrupt coaching change with Owen Hunter’s resignation, Woodward-Granger softball is focused on moving forward with the season. A meeting with juggernaut Ogden put that progress on pause Monday. But the Hawks returned to action on Tuesday, June 4 for one of their closest contests of the season with a 5-1 loss visiting Madrid, falling to 0-12.

“We came ready to play. It wasn’t first game jitters for us and I think we were just ready to play good softball finally,” head coach Jessica Wyant said.

The game started off in W-G’s favor with freshman center fielder Chloe Houge getting on base to kick things off. Madrid tightened up for the next three batters to retire the inning and carried momentum into the bottom of the first as the first three Tiger batters scored. That series provided another coachable lesson as well.

“They kind of discovered that bunting was our weakness tonight and definitely exploited it. And we gotta find a way to shut that down,” Wyant said.

She added that beyond that inning, the rest of the game went well in her view. Take that first inning away, and “we’re in it.”

Over the last eight games, the Hawks have had just one game that didn’t include a four-run or greater inning from their opponents, making up the majority of runs allowed.

W-G’s offense responded with another hit in the second but was unable to get on the board until freshman pitcher Rian Jamison homered in the fourth inning — the team’s second of the year. That was then followed by three strikeouts.

Jamison also tightened up her grip pitching with only two more runs passing through, setting up the Hawks for a comeback in the seventh with Ava Petersen and Bella Milosevich getting on base for Audrey Simmons. But with an error on the base path, Petersen was put away, subsequently halting the momentum, nearly cracking the code.

Ultimately, Wyant said she felt the team is getting into the “routine of things” and hopes to keep building on the little things that powered the team to a handful of successes Tuesday.

“I think we made a break on those kinds of shackles, and I just think if they win a game, they’ll the tase of it,” Wyant added. “And they will. It’ll get rolling. They’ll keep trucking.”

The Hawks will have a chance to roll forward with a doubleheader with Pleasantville in Woodward on Thursday beginning at 5 p.m.