Friday night began quietly for all involved between Perry and ADM. The two exchanged scoreless outings in the first inning but fortune soon turned around for the Tigers once Kaden Sutton launched one out of the park, enough by itself to put ADM over the Bluejays in a 10-0 victory after five innings.

“We have to play our game. We’re a better team than that,” Perry head coach Austin Daniels said. “We will get there.”

After Sutton rounded the bags, another run came through but it was in the third inning when it all broke loose, giving Perry a point of comparison for the rest of the season.

Following another shutout inning for Perry, ADM drew together another seven runs in the third thanks in part to a cavalcade of Bluejay errors ranging from dropped fly balls to missed assignments to force runners out to end the inning.

At the end of the night, Perry finished with four errors, each contributing to one of ADM’s runs. Perry did switch its strategy up midway through to combat the Tigers’ surging offense, replacing Kato Dougan with Alex Morales after 2 1/3 innings passed.

“It’s just a matter of putting it together as a team,” Daniels said.

On Dougan’s watch, seven runners crossed home plate while three passed by Morales. In all, ADM combined for nine hits and five walks, leaving just five runners on base. Conversely, Perry had two lone hits and two walks, unable to get more than two at-bats for a single batter.

“Right now, our biggest thing is to put the ball in play,” Daniels said. “I think we do a lot of the little things well enough that we’ll be fine.”

He also added that despite what the scoreboard says, he feels the team is competitive and it’s the little things like relays from the outfield and seeking the automatic out that will turn the season around.

Perry now stands at 0-4 to start 2019 and will look to reverse its fortune Monday, June 3 with Carlisle on the schedule.