Simply driving by Dewey Field, there’s a noticeable change to the facilities. There is a new plaza and concession stand to go with the remodeled bleacher renovations. That is only half of what’s to come as part of a four-phase renovation.

What wasn’t marked as one of the phases over the past year is the newly installed Bluejay Donor Wall.

“It helps to heighten this whole thing and give a chance to spotlight the whole Dewey Field Project,” Superintendent Clark Wicks said while looking at the new wall. “As you look out there, you see ‘We Are Perry’ and look at there, there’s a lot of different Perry folk on here as well as the brick [pathway]. So it’s just kind of cool to see the number of people that were involved.”

The wall serves as a reminder of the immense support put behind the school’s strive to modernize its facilities that will affect students across a wide spectrum.

Both the middle school and high school will see benefits not only for football, soccer, and track, but the marching band and vocational tech groups as well, helping spread donations across all walks of student life.

Over 50 donors ranging from individuals to local businesses are listed in the $1,000 category. Another handful reach the $5,000 and $10,000 markers, while half a dozen legacy sponsors have donated $25,000 or more. The largest category of donors can be found on the brick Bluejay Way leading up to the wall.

In all, the first two phases totaled $1.4 million. The next half of the renovation will come in another two steps of a total of $2.02 million to update the Jim Kaufman Track that wraps the field and later replace the Dewey Field Turf. Dates are to be determined but will hopefully launch in the near future to match the first round of renovations.

Wicks said the next immediate step hopes to continue improving the cosmetics around the complex with an update to the fencing. He said that aims to further unify the school branding.

“Now it’s going to be a matter of those that want to continue the Perry pride. Those that want to be part of this big thing that we’ll be looking at,” Wicks added. “Do you want to leave a legacy of some kind and then leave a visual legacy either with the [new fence] or continue an upgrade on our track.”

To help contribute to the next renovation phases, call Wicks at 515-380-0102 or email Those interested can also contact Perry activities director Tom Lipovac at 515-465-8336 or