Two teams entered night looking to turn around a two-game skid, double-overtime, and one goal. That’s all you need to know about Perry and ADM’s match on Tuesday, May 7. That, and the final score went in favor of ADM after 95 minutes of play, sending Perry to 8-4 after starting the season 7-0.

“The kicker is that we possessed the ball for a majority of the game and lost because of the fact that we lack finishing skills,” Perry head coach Gary Overla said. “We had about three or four good opportunities to score and we simply did not get it done.”

It took 15 extra minutes for ADM to get it done as well, ending things on a header from a corner kick. With such a showcase of a play that made the difference between a win and loss, it made all the missed opportunities even more bitter in retrospect.

“Biggest disappointment came on a missed placekick that we didn’t get in frame,” Overla added. “We look great from 18 to 18 but once we get inside the 18, we have a bad touch or we overshoot the goal.”

But within their own goal, he said he was pleased with Mike Echevarria at goalkeep, keeping the game balanced at zero. The rest of the game gets tossed onto the pile of more practicing Perry’s finishes and capitalizing on opportunities that started the Bluejays’ undefeated opening.

“7-0 feels like a long time ago,” Overla said. “Hopefully we get back on track.”

The Bluejays will look to get back in the win column on Thursday, May 9 as Carroll pays a visit to Dewey Field.