Senior Mike Echeverria’s name was brought up many times throughout the 2018 football season mostly for his impressive work on the field. However, Echeverria’s role proved to be even more integral during those few couple instances when the senior suffered an injury that put him out for a good portion of a game. Those post-game interviews would not go by without head coach Matt Hardy expressing his concern and attributing the absence of the senior on the field to the increase in difficulty during that particular game. Regardless of the setback, Echeverria would be seen back beside his teammates in record time and proved to be a Bluejay for life.

Echevveria started playing football when he was in the third grade when the younger teams took on the titles of the Titans and the Giants. From there he continued to be active in the Perry community until moving to Missouri for a short period of time during his freshman year of high school. Echeverria soon made his way back to Perry and has remained a Bluejay ever since.

As the senior looks back at his football career he is able to reflect on a few defining moments that he will carry with him through his next endeavours.

“My favorite memory (of football) will forever be coach Hardy’s pregame speeches,” Echeverria said. “My proudest moment while playing at Perry is from last year when our O-line allowed QB Alexis Garrido (‘18) to break the school record in most passing yards in a game and most passing yard in a season.”

While recalling success and improvements, Echeverria was also able to remember how a few setbacks helped him grow as an athlete as well.

“When we played DCG I unfortunately had a high school career ending injury to my left shoulder. I had torn my labrum and I had to miss the last four games of my senior season,” Echeverria said. “I overcame this with the support from my family and my teammates. I knew that even through I was hurt and couldn’t play anymore that I had to still continue to be there for my team. So I would still be going to practice because we had to get the next player up and ready for the next game. I would go to practice and help him (Rony Reyes #53) out as much I could. I would also be cheering them on, on the sideline no matter the score or the outcome of the game.”

Echeverria says he will miss this particular team due to the fact that the seniors have all played together for many years.

“I will miss the hard work that we would put in and all the jokes we would make with each other,” Echeverria said. “This team is like my family we are all brothers.”

After he graduates this spring, Echeverria plans to attend Hawkeye Community college to study criminal justice.

“In 10 years I see myself patrolling the streets as a police officer,” Echeverria said. “I’m not sure what town or city it just depends on where this career takes me.”