Improvement among the young Perry volleyball team was prevalent in Tuesday’s match. On Aug. 24 the Jayettes took on Boone in four sets, winning one for a final of 3-1.

When asked what he told his team after a tough loss like Tuesday’s game, Head Coach John Fulton said he focused on the positives.

“We did a great job on passing the ball at times and that was a lot better,” Fulton said. “We switched our defense from the first set into the second set so they (the Jayettes) did a great job adjusting there.”

Switching from perimeter to rotation during that time, Fulton says the team proved to be successful in taking that change and benefiting from it.

Among other improvements, the positivity was also very evident going into and coming out of that third set. The younger and older halves to the team proved to adjust quickly and work well together.

Sophomore Kacy Nevitt came out of the match with nine kills, one dig, and two block assists. Another sophomore Jasmine Shriver proved successful with six kills, and five digs. Mackenzie Ayers and Peyton Tunink each had two kills a piece, while Gabby West came out of the game with five, and Quinn Whiton with three.

One aspect of the game that the Jayettes still want to improve on is that of serving. With a total of 16 missed serves, Fulton says he plans to work on serving with the team before their next match.

Coach Fulton also emphasized the great work of his back row players during Tuesday’s match.

”Steph Garcia and Magley Orellana did a great job passing the ball,” Fulton said. “We didn’t get aced too many times which has been a problem for us, but there wasn’t too many times where the ball went straight back on serves.”

The Perry netters will head to ADM, Adel on Thursday, Aug. 30 for their next few matches at the Tigers’ annual tournament.