Perry High School swim Coach Jean Dowd is an active member of the Perry community and although she wears many hats, she says it all works out for the best.

Named the 2017/2018 Female Coach of the Year award by the Perry Chief, Coach Dowd helps year-round with all the swimming programs in the area. Being a city employee, Dowd works as the recreation center liaison between the City of Perry and the community teams as well as the high school team.

Coach Dowd says being a city employee is a huge help with all her other roles.

“I know the girls on the teams well, I know the equipment well,” Dowd said. “That makes is so we all work as a unit instead of duplicating different things.”

Dowd also says being a part of the summer program positively influences her upcoming swim season.

“By helping the summer team I can help prepare my [team] for fall instead of having them attend various camps,” Dowd said.

When Coach Dowd received the honor of being the Female Coach of the Year she says she was very pleased. In her eyes it was the best way to kick off her 20th year coaching swim.

Coach Dowd says she has such a diverse team of swimmers and is always looking for new members.

Coach Dowd also emphasizes that she welcomes swimmers of all ages to join the program.