The noise of high powered vacuums and the faint feeling of dust in the air took over 1221 2nd St. on Wednesday, June 20 as Ben’s Five and Dime continued to make adjustments and interior renovations.

The renovations come after a nearby fire on March 21 caused significant smoke damage to Ben’s Five and Dime.

The Perry football team was there to lend a helping hand on June 20. Bluejays of all ages volunteered as a team from 9 - 11 a.m. to assist in any way they could.

Tasks included vacuuming and cleaning dismantled shelves to ensure they would soon be ready to be built back up and stocked with toys and other items. The team was also hard at work moving materials and other display structures to and from several places in the store. The main part of the store will soon have ceiling tiles thanks to the efforts of the team as well.

Longtime owner of Ben’s, Jan Pattee, says she and her husband Jay know that the team has some of the hardest-working people.

“[Jay and I] applaud Coach [Matt] Hardy and we are truly heartened by the football team and everything they have done for us,” said Jan Pattee.

Head Coach Matt Hardy said he has been meeting with his team monthly to discuss leadership and service learning.

“After [the community] has done so much for us in the last year by fundraising for Dewey Field, we are happy to give back to them,” he said.

Coach Hardy also stated that experiences like volunteering give him a good idea as to which athletes are going to go above and beyond on and off the field.

Among those volunteering, upcoming senior Kaleb Olejniczak was one to vocalize his appreciation.

“Businesses around town do so much for us by supporting us and donating so we like giving back anyway we can,” Olejniczak said.

Jan and Jay Pattee say the store should be up and running by October 1, 2018.