Perry baseball took home another win Tuesday, June 12 after defeating Gilbert at home 7-4. This year’s Bluejays are made up of both new and experienced varsity players and on Tuesday, fans saw both the rookies and returners contribute to this big win.

Sophomore Keghan West pitched all seven innings and did his part in the victory. Throwing strike after strike and walking hardly any Gilbert players, West proved to be a key player in this competition.

“This is [West’s] first year pitching at the varsity level and he’s done a great job today,” said head coach Mike Long. “At the end of the game, when [Gilbert] got a couple guys on base, he didn’t let that bother him.”

On the offensive side of the game, many other Bluejays showed their winning ability as well.

Junior Kaleb Olejniczak stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the third inning to hit a home run as well as bat in freshman Kyle Lockwood.

In the bottom of the fifth inning the game was tied with senior Brandon Kenyon on first and West on second. Once again, the Bluejays soared ahead of their opponent when senior Alexis Garrido hit one right into the left corner of the scoreboard.

Garrido said he had planned on hitting the ball that inning and hopefully batting one of his teammates in for a run, but the home run came as a pleasant surprise to him.

“I knew I was going to hit the ball; I had been hitting it all week,” said Garrido. “It was a tied game so my adrenaline was going and when I hit it over, it just felt great.”

Coach Long says he is pleased with his team and the effort they put in on Tuesday night.

“When you have a younger team, you have to constantly teach.” said Coach Long, “It’s important that [the team] talk to each other during games. That’s one thing we have to continue to do better as we get further along in this season.”

This win brings the Bluejays season record up to 4-5. They will be back at home again on Wednesday night to take on A-D-M starting at 7 p.m.