Tuesday night the Perry softball team put another victory under their belt after defeating Greene County 4-0. Head Coach Tina Lutterman says the turning point that led to the win came from a new team exercise.

“We have been working on changing up our attitude and effort and keeping those consistent through the game,” said Lutterman. “I issued a challenge during the fifth inning and we started doing the, ‘fifth-inning floss.’”

The team as well as Coach Lutterman did the “Floss Dance” to attempt to loosen up and get in good spirits for the rest of the game. It turned out that this fun dance move worked in favor of the Jayettes.

Up until then both teams saw hardly any hits, runners left on base, and the score remained at a steady 0-0. After the team had met up to do this exercise before the bottom of the fifth, the Perry softball team took the lead almost immediately. Senior Sidney Vancil went up to bat with two runners on base (senior Johanna Diw and eighth grader Jayna Kenney) and hit a triple resulting in two runs for the Jayettes. Soon after, Vancil made it to home plate thanks to a double hit by senior Alyssa Kruger. The last score of the game, also gained in the bottom of the fifth, came from junior Gabby West.

Coach Lutterman says after all that the Jayettes were able to really relax a little bit and play.

“I think we are just going to keep pushing and I want to encourage the girls to keep taking risks, especially defensively.” said Lutterman. “We are kind of starting to click and starting to really hit our stride.”