This season’s Bluejays’ squad is hoping their experience keeps them on par.

“As far as goals, we just want to see our scores improve throughout the year and really work on our scoring around the greens,” Perry’s head coach John Fulton said.

Unlike so many other sports where the higher the score the better your outcome. The object of golf is to dominate the green with the least amount of strokes possible.

To accomplish such a task, players will need a exorbitant amount of practice, skills and a familiarity with the game and courses.

“We have some experience coming back, we just need to be able to get up and down around the greens in order to help get some of our scores down from last year,” the head coach said.

Fulton will look to his seniors and other veteran players to fill the void left by last year senior players, Noah Wilkening and Dane McCarty.

“We have a group of four seniors that are coming back with varsity experience and all are capable of shooting good scores, “ Fulton said. “Connor Nielsen, Tanner Duffy, Luke Rathje, and Gabe Ridnour will all step up and help us as a team.”

Last season, Wilkening led the Bluejays in almost every possible golf category including 18-hole average of 79.1 and a course rating of 41.31

McCarty tied Nielsen for second in adjusted course rating with a 47.53. He finished third on the team in overall average per 18 holes with a 94.2.

Nielsen’s 18 hole average of 92.4 was second best on the team. Duffy finished third with a 93.8 Rathje was fourth with a 94.4, and Ridnour was seventh with a 113.5.

The season kicks off on April 3, when they travel to Huxley for a round versus the Ballard Bombers.