One can argue that it is difficult to infer any positive outcomes or claim that a four win basketball season is anything to celebrate.

For the Woodward-Granger girls’ basketball team, their 2017-2018 campaign might be met and perused with some negativity and a failure to come together as a team.

If the measure is wins and losses then this assessment would hold water. But, to gauge a team one would have to analyze if some positive steps were taken during the season.

First let’s start by scratching out the four wins and diving deep into what the girls did as the season progressed.

Second, they began their season with a 47-39 win over a Collins-Maxwell Spartans team who garnered 18 wins this season including a nine and seven game win streak.

The Hawks kept their heads strong and played tough despite multiple losing streaks of three, nine, and six.

Third, instead of throwing in the towel and accepting a winless West Central Activities Conference record, they prevailed their final conference game this season when they defeated the AC/GC Chargers 37-29 back on Feb. 6.

Fourth, during the first half of their campaign the Hawks points disparity read like an NBA 2K game where a novice players gets a tough lesson in play versus a seasoned veteran.

However, the team kept chugging along and albeit multiple losses, the score differential wasn’t as discouraging as previously seen.

The final step in ratifying the ship is that this current squad will boast 10 returning players for next season with only seniors Alissa Bice and Kaitlyn Peters bidding adieu.

Bice did lead the team in scoring at 219 points and points per game at 9.5, and also stole the ball a team leading 50 times.

With Bice leaving a small gap behind, the squad will look to junior Kayley Dresback and sophomores Natalie Helbling and Katelyn Scharlau to shoulder the load.

The trio combined for 11/5 pp/g, and were responsible for 375 of the team’s 792 total points. Dresback finished first on the team with 56 assists, and second in steals with 44.

Helbling was third in both assists with 34 and steals with 41 wile Scharlau hauled in a team leading 143 rebounds - 86 defensive and 57 offensive.

The returning roster currently includes two freshmen, six sophomores, and two juniors.