On Friday, Jan. 19, the Woodward-Granger Hawks girls basketball team hosted the Van Meter Bulldogs. The Bulldogs ended up winning the close 42-38 game.

Most of the game was close. The Hawks fell behind 6-2 at the beginning of the first quarter, but they were able to pick it up and come back to end the quarter trailing 10-9.

The Hawks got the lead in the second quarter with a field goal from Mae Anderson. The Bulldogs were able to come back with seven points to lead 17-11. Both the Hawks and Bulldogs scored only two more points to end the half 19-13. This would be the biggest gap of the game.

Again, the game went back and forth in the third quarter. The Bulldogs led for a while, but then the Hawks came back to lead by one point. The Bulldogs were still able to end the quarter one point ahead, though (31-30).

The fourth quarter began with fouls, three on the Bulldogs, one on the Hawks.

It wasn’t until they were three minutes into the quarter that the first points were finally scored. Hawk Natalie Helbling was the Hawk to score a field goal that put them up 32-31.

Another foul called on the Bulldogs allowed Alyssa Bice two free throws, the Hawks now led 34-31.

Bulldog Clair Lauterbach tied up the game when she made a three pointer. She also put the Bulldogs ahead when she made a second three pointer immediately after. The Bulldogs were up 37-34.

Lauterbach was the Bulldogs’ leading scorer of the night with 26 points.

Another four points for the Hawks and they were up by one point. These were the last points that the Hawks scored.

Natalie Barth and Lauterbach were the two Bulldogs responsible for the last five points of the game. Barth made a field goal while being fouled. She then made her free throw. Lauterbach was also fouled and scored both of her free throws.

The game ended 42-38. The Hawks now hold a 3-14 record while the Bulldogs are 8-7.

“We haven’t won a close game like this all year,” said Bulldog coach Jay Olson. “We tried to speed the game up and they did a good job of knocking down shots when they needed to, when we were out of position which kind of cost us a little bit. I’m proud of how we responded and got after it defensively and kept coming back even if we were struggling a little bit. So that was a good job for our team.”