On Thursday, Dec. 21, the Perry Bluejays took on the Ogden Bulldogs. The close 65-60 game went to the Bulldogs.

The Bluejays’ Drew Levan started the game with four points to get the lead. Rashon Ivory continued the Bluejays’ lead with a three pointer and with 5:30 left in the first quarter, they led 7-0.

The Bulldogs got their first points a minute later. Jade Thompson scored a three pointer which was followed by a field goal from fellow Bulldog Ben Heeren. The Bulldog were now down just two (7-5).

The Bulldogs then scored another eight points on the Bluejays while they only scored two. Soon the scoreboard read 13-9 with the Bulldogs leading.

Both teams then had a foul with the Bulldogs’ allowing Ivory to score two free throws. Unfortunately, Ivory’s free throws were followed by two field goals for the Bulldogs.

The quarter ended with Ivory scoring a field goal for the Bluejays and the scoreboard ready 18-13 with the Bulldogs leading.

Just eight seconds into the second quarter, and Ivory scored another field goal for the Bluejays. Unfortunately, after a foul, Bulldog Charlie Lake scored a field goal.

The points went back and forth until the score was 22-19 with the Bulldogs still leading. The Bulldogs got another even further lead when Kayden Kruse scored a three pointer.

The Bluejays scored again when Kruse fouled Ivory. Once again, Ivory made both of his free throws, and the score was 26-21.

Following the free throws, both teams scored a three pointer, but the Bulldogs widened the lead when Jacob Craven scored a field goal.

A few more field goals, and with just 40 seconds left, the Bulldogs lead the Bluejays 35-23. Again, the Bluejays only scored after a foul. Mark Campos made one of his two free throws.

Two fouls called against the Bluejays followed the free throw. The half ended with a foul called against the Bulldogs though.

Ivory went up for a shot and was fouled by Griffin Diggs. Ivory made the basket then scored his free throw. The half ended 37-27.

Bulldog Noah Snedden began the second half with a field goal. Luckily Ivory followed it up with one for the Bluejays.

It wasn’t until there was five minutes left that the Bluejays broke the ten point lead. Snedden fouled Ivory who made both free throws, putting the score at 42-33.

The nine-point gap didn’t last long as the Bulldogs scored five points before the Bluejays could score again.

With 3:40 left Levan scored a field goal and the Bluejays trailed 47-35.

It didn’t take long, and the Bulldogs led the Bluejays 54-36. Luckily for the Bluejays, the Bulldogs didn’t score again. Unfortunately, the Bluejays’ last two points came with 1:50 still left in the third quarter.

Tanner Duffy scored the last two points of the quarter and the Bluejays trailed 54-38.

The Bluejays were able to come back in the fourth quarter with nine points in the two minutes. Connor Nielsen was the Bluejay to score seven of the nine points. He made the first field goal of the quarter within ten seconds.

Levan made the last two of the nine points for the Bluejays. With those first nine points, the score was 54-47.

Kruse broke the Bluejays’ scoring streak with a three pointer for the Bulldogs. Luckily, the Bluejays were able to come back with another six points to put the score at 57-53.

After Thompson scored a three pointer for the Bulldogs and Ivory a field goal for the Bluejays, the spread was just five points (60-55).

The points kept going back and forth and soon there was just 36 seconds left in the game.

Levan fouled Heeren, who scored both of his field goals. Diggs then fouled Ivory who made both of his free throws.

The Bluejays fouled two more times before the game ended and gave out two more free throws. Neither Bulldog made their free throws and the game ended 65-60.

The Bluejays played Greene County on Friday, Dec. 22. Their next game will be after break on Jan. 5 against Ballard at 7:30 p.m.