On Monday, Dec. 4 the Woodward-Granger Hawks girls basketball team hosted the Saydel Eagles. The Hawks are now 2-3 on the season after beating the Eagles 42-30.

The game started out slow, the first two points weren’t even put on the board until a couple minutes into the first quarter.

The Eagles were able to score the first two points after Hawk Katelyn Scharlau was called on a foul that allowed Katie Schmidt two free throw attempts. Schmidt made both shots and the Eagles led 2-0.

The Hawks were able to come back immediately when Eagle Jayda Tolentino was called on a foul. Tolentino’s foul allowed Kayley Dresback two free throws to tie up the game. With 4:55 left in the first quarter the game was tied 2-2.

The Hawks were able to get the lead after Scharlau scored two field goals. The Hawks had a 6-2 lead, until Eagle Emily Lowe scored a field goal to lessen the gap to two points.

The Hawks kept the Eagles from coming back and soon had a 9-6 lead. With just a minute left in the quarter, Hawk Natalie Helbing fouled Schmidt who scored another free throw. Schmidt’s free throw put the score at 9-7.

On the Hawks possession, Kaitlyn Peters was fouled, but she wasn’t able to make either of her free throws. Luckily for the Hawks, she rebounded the ball and scored a field goal to end the quarter 11-7.

The Hawks started the second quarter with four points in the first minute and a half.

The Eagles were able to come back with their own four points though. Schmidt and Tolentino each made a free throw and Darian Garcia scored a field goal. The score was 15-11.

The Eagles didn’t stop there, with just 3:21 left in the half, Schmidt had a shot go in allowing them to trail by just two points.

It wasn’t until there was just 1:20 left that the Hawks finally scored again. Katelyn Scharlau put up another shot for the Hawks and the scoreboard read 17-13.

Both the Hawks and the Eagles scored another two points before the end of the half. When the buzzer went off, the Hawks led 19-15.

Scharlau started the third quarter for the Hawks with a field goal just 30 seconds in. Unfortunately, Schmidt followed with a three pointer for the Eagles and the score was 21-18.

With 6:54 left on the clock, Mae Anderson scored again for the Hawks. The Hawks five-point lead didn’t last very long, as Schmidt came back with another three pointer to put the score at 23-21.

The Hawks were finally able to get a good lead after scoring eight points in a row while only allowing the Eagles two points. With 1:37 left in the third quarter the score was 31-23.

Alyssa Bice ended the quarter with a field goal for the Hawks. Two fouls called against the Hawks followed Bice’s shot, but no free throws were given; the quarter ended 33-23.

Just 30 seconds into the fourth quarter, Bice made another field goal.

Bice’s shot was followed by two fouls against Anderson, with the second allowing Schmidt two free throw attempts. Schmidt only made one of her free throws, and the Eagles trailed by 11 points (35-24).

The Hawks put four more points on the board before they gave Schmidt two more chances at the free throw line. After Schmidt made her free throws the score was 39-26.

The Eagles were able to score three more points before Peters scored another field goal for the Hawks. The score was now 41-29.

With 1:10 left in the game, Peters was called on a foul, which allowed Schmidt her final free throw attempts. Schmidt made one of her two free throws and scored the Eagles’ last point.

After a second foul called against the Eagles, Dresback was allowed two free throw shots. Dresback made one of her shots and the Hawks finished the game 42-30.

With the 42-30 victory, the Hawks broke their three-game losing streak. The girls’ will be playing again on Friday, Dec. 8 against Van Meter at 6 p.m.